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OK, so I wanted to know how many hours of GMM existed. But after some *boopity-boop-boop* research, I didn't find the answer anywhere. I was still curious, so I decided to fill the internet hole myself. :)

Using Excel and the times on a list of GMM episodes, here's what I found:

There's a grand total of 215 hours, 36 minutes, and 53 seconds of GMM.

That's crazy! I haven't watched every episode, but I know there's plenty of mythical beasts who have. So here's my question: how many here on the Kommunity have watched every single episode (or even watched them more than once?)


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Wow, you did it!! :D I don't know of any other MBs who've watched every video, but you're probably one of just a handful (if that). I feel like you should get an award or something! haha

I have watched every single video from them at least 10 times with the exeption of buddy system

Thats so crazy! Even though 200+ hours is a long time, I would think that there would be more. I guess if you added up the Rhett and Link channel, The Mythical Show, and Good Morning Chia Lincoln, there would be way more hours. Cool *boopity-boop boop* research idea! 

Thanks. :) Yeah, if all their videos were combined, I imagine it would be a much more impressive number!

Still not enough GMM for me



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