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OK, so I wanted to know how many hours of GMM existed. But after some *boopity-boop-boop* research, I didn't find the answer anywhere. I was still curious, so I decided to fill the internet hole myself. :)

Using Excel and the times on a list of GMM episodes, here's what I found:

There's a grand total of 215 hours, 36 minutes, and 53 seconds of GMM.

That's crazy! I haven't watched every episode, but I know there's plenty of mythical beasts who have. So here's my question: how many here on the Kommunity have watched every single episode (or even watched them more than once?)


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That's incredible! I have watched every episode of GMM (quite a few more than once) + GMMores so I guess I've spent quite a bit of my time watching GMM & GMMore!

I think I have come very close to watching them all once at least between the last two years of summer and winter breaks this year I watched every interview they did while in NYC.

That's awesome!

I have seen all the episodes(and even GMMORE), even some more than once, I recently finished watching all of the seasons. I think that was about a month ago? But it was fun, also gave me something to do. XD

Congrats! :)

Thanks! Affter that, I watched all the main channel videos I haven't seen.

Wow. I've seen almost every episode of GMM, other than(rough estimate) like, ten.  At this point I'm trying to get through all the GMMores by the December. And I'm combing through all the old vids (2009 and back), as well. And when I was cleaning my room (It has a TV) I put on just main channel uploads, and I got to a little after the doughnut-divorce local commercial, before I had to do other things.

(I re-watch many of their uploads, too)

lol I have a lot of free time.

Woah. Including the GMMores and main channel videos you've watched, I wonder if you have (or soon will) make it past the 300 hour mark? That's some mythically serious dedication! 

Why thank you :P

I might have to change my goals for the GMMores to the end of this year or maybe even next January because my sister (We share a room) is starting to get a bit tired of my Rhett and Link binge watching and she makes me watch other things. Don't get her wrong though, she likes Rhett and Link, too. lol

For whatever reason, I keep on forgetting about Good Morning Chia Lincoln, so I also have to get to watching those. :D

After I watch all their uploads (eventually) I'm going to the interviews page and I'm going to watch them.... It's gonna take awhile. I guess I'll never be satisfied. (*Hamiltrash*)

Anyway, Have a mythical day! 

Hey, January is still a good goal in my opinion. There's a lot to watch...

Ooh, I think you'll like Good Morning Chia Lincoln! My favorite is the Omega story one. :) BYMB!

From what I can tell(I have seen a few GMCL in the past), I am going to really like it :D


I've now seen all of the videos on all of their channels, even the "all night long, all night long" video in full! I'm proud of myself but I also feel like I know R&L better now



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