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Ever since starting to watch GMM, I thought to myself and saw comments saying, "Is Rhett high?"

After all this time having it in the back of my mind as mainly a joke, I've come to be absolutely convinced. Lets look at the "evidence".

Rhett suffers from back pain that he has seen many doctors and trainers about, and lives in California. A state that has has medical cannabis for years. He could easily be prescribed it if he so desired. He's subjectively the funnier of the two when it comes to off the wall improv moments, his constant ravenous eating is infamous, he always APPEARS high, and I'd say sometimes very much acts like it.

Plus there's all kinds of little jokes he makes. Slipping things in such as "my uncle is a plant pusher" and "I'm always feeling Estonia".

Rhett and Link have never addressed cannabis that I know of besides commenting on a skunk smell, "This smell is being legalized all around the country". There's no telling how they feel about it, but if my theory were true, I'm sure Rhett would keep it on lock and key since he has become a figure for young people and children. It just wouldn't be a wise business decision to be open about it, nor would it be relevant to admit.

Now this isn't an accusation, or judgement, nor do I plan on even getting much attention on this post. It could very well not be true, but this theory I've been developing was burning a hole in my brain. just wanted to get it on record and maybe if you've thought this too, you'll enjoy it.

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We really like to watch GMM too and I'd hate to see internet trollers intensify the derogatory remarks. 
I like to focus on the good and relate to them as I see them. They make people smile, laugh and they have kids that would not like to hear bad things about their parents.


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