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HI! I want a pair of mythical shoes, but since I never spend that much on shoes, I'm cautious. I also have weird feet, and a lot of shoes are very uncomfortable for me. SOOO I have questions for the owners of the mythical shoes:

1. How do they fit?? (for example: if I wear a size 8 converse shoe, is that also a size 8 mythical shoe? Or is it bigger/smaller?)

2. What's the flap on the heel like? The customizable part. Is it like...laminated? or can you draw on it with fabric markers?

3. Are the comfy? Do you wear them often? (I guess that's 2 questions in one, but they kind of go together)

Maybe this is just me being obsessive over shoes...but I think it's necessary to know.

Anyway, please help me decide! If you think there's other stuff you'd like to add, go ahead. Like, what color you'd recommend (even though I think I know that) or what you put on the heel flap thingy or whatever.

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Anna, you sound EXACTLY like me. I would also love a pair of mythical shoes but I haven't taken the plunge yet because I don't know how they fit, if they are comfy, etc. Most important, how do they fit? True to size? I'll be watching for responses here as well!

I also am torn on colour. I think the vanilla would be grungy fast, but I have lots of black shoes, which makes me think blue is the right choice, even though I don't wear a lot of blue. I really need to stop overanalysing everything I buy!

Alright, so since this post I have acquired both the pink Mythical 1.0 and the grey Mythical 2.0.
Things to note:
1. order a half size down, they fit a little bit big.
2. Before using the inserts in the clear flap be sure to trace one onto some cardstock or paper because you'll want to be able to replace the inserts if they get ruined and you'll need a template to work from.
3. Make sure you let the sharpie on your flap inserts dry completely before putting them in your shoes to avoid ink transfer onto the clear plastic.
4. If you aren't used to wearing high-tops you'll go through an uncomfortable phase at first until the shoes loosen up a little (they are stiff out of the box). I found they hurt my ankles until they softened up (the shoes, not my ankles)
5. Prepare for people to ask you if your shoes say "Twerk" (gee, thanks a lot Miley).

I've searched the Kommunity with no avail. Someone halp us please! (because more than one person has asked the same questions, but I have found no answer)

ok they fit a teeny bit big. but that's ok bc i want to wear them forever.

They are sooo comfy although you can put in a diff insert if you like.

It is a hard plastic on the flap. I bet you could draw on it but i would be careful. Also mine was cut all jagetty on that part....

I love the white but am worried they will get dirty (mine are fairly new)

Also if you live in a cold climate keep in  mind that they are not super grippy on the bottom so be careful.

Also spray them with a special waterproof shoe spray so they last!

Hope it helped sorry im late. Basically: just get them!!! wont regret! they are sturdier and better made than i anticipated.

I just got the Mythical Shoe 2.0 as part of my 12 Mythical Days of Christmas contest winnings. The shoes are really pretty! The pictures on the Tweak site just don't do them justice. Also the box they come in is a work of art in itself. (pics on my tumblr)

They fit a bit big; I got a half size lower than my standard size. I'd rather start with them slightly tight, since the leather will stretch over time, rather than start with them too big and always have to wear thick socks.

I haven't worn them enough yet to see if they're comfy, but they seem to have good arch support (better than a shoe like that looks like it would have). And Tweak customer service was really fast and friendly.


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