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How many songs have you guys written that aren't published on the internet? (For instance: The Santa Song, Mrs. Locklear Song, and Greg's Wedding Rehearsal Song) Just out of Curiosity.

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millions. hahaha. rhett wrote one when i broke my pelvis. but it is not for public consumption. we've got a lot of demos floating around my harddrive. and some early recordings of songs you know. we'd write something and then record it immediately so we wouldn't forget it the next day. those demos are funny and terrible. maybe i'll post a few here over time. remind me later.
could borrow your hard drive? just for a couple hours?

as much as i love the finished product that's done just right, i love seeing the unedited spontaneous and unexpected stuff just as much. the "shirtless and pointless" video is still one of my favorites. :)
Okay! I'm attaching one right here from almost 5 (!) years ago. The Wal Mart Song. Compare it to the original on our music page: http://rhettandlink.com/music/
I really liked it!! The Wal Mart Song has already been one of my favorites; sometimes I'll just have my iPod play it on repeat all morning long! Besides the demo just being generally more rough, the only true differences I noticed was there being a little less harmonica throughout the song, and the greeter was described differently. I loved how Rhett threw in the comment about Sam's Club at the end!! You should definitely post some more of these, because I, for one, would love to hear 'em!! :)

Have you guys ever considered making a music video for this song before??
Heh heh I have considered making a video for this, myself.
Good observation, Beth!! (:
that would be are REAL treat for the "behind the scenes" kommunity fans!!
Thanks man! :)
Is it LATER yet?
I would love to hear some of those - I bet they are hilarious!


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