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Just another bit of nostalgic ponderings from an old, long-time member of the Kommunity.

And, since I'm a huge geek when it comes to numbers and stratifying things, this is how I cope with the everyday world . . . by breaking mundane things down into numerical components and analyzing it every which way you can imagine. Numbers don't lie!

Today's Thought

How many of the first 1,000 members are still around?

  • 34 accounts closed / 966 still open
  • 853 have not visited since 2012 or earlier
  • 48 last visited sometime in 2013
  • 23 last visited sometime in 2014
  • 42 have visited sometime in 2015

  • 46 members listed below last signed into their member account sometime in the 12 months . . . a few visit routinely, some (like me) almost daily but others perhaps only once . . . details are sketchy.
  • 28 of those were active in the past 90 days (highlighted)
  • sadly, only a handful of the faithful few have seen any activity at all in the past 30 days . . .

*Note:  analysis based on member activity report dated 13-Oct-2015

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Your number crunching is always interesting, Gumbo.

One bit of info that I found particularly interesting in this analysis was the AVERAGE AGE of the membership in these early days.

Since the data is no longer available for the 34 closed accounts, and disregarding the five (5) yahoos who claim to be >100 years old, the remainder are all today between the ages of 18 (makes sense, as these would have been 13 when joining when the Kommunity site was new) and 69 - - that one being Mrs. Diane McLaughlin of Buies Creek, NC, but don't tell anyone you heard her age here.

Average age of a member of the LEGION (first 1,000 members) who joined between 10-Jun and 2-Aug-2009 was 26.4 years - - - compared to a slightly lower average age of total open membership today at 22.3 years.

Both of those numbers are actually higher than I expected to find.

Ha, I didn't know Rhett's mom has an account! That's pretty cool. I'm also surprised the average age is in the 20s, especially still today.

I didn't know that she had an account either!

Where in the world is . . . ?

Global distribution of the R&L Kommunity members as of same 13-Oct-2015 data dump.

I'm certain that this is not 100% accurate, it's just what the members have listed on their profile as place of domicile.  I mean, really?  21 folks in Antarctica????

There can't truthfully be more than 4 or 5 there at the most. 

 . . . and The Legion:

Yay! Australia's 4th in the rankings!

This is incredibly interesting. Though I was introduced to Rhett and Link back in the Bentley Brother days, watched at church with my son. I never thought of looking them up and researching for a possible fan site. I would hear about them now and again, but just in passing. I guess what I am getting at is the slight sense of regret that I missed out on being part of the Legion by about 5 or 6 years. Now that I am in though, I hope I will not let anything stand in the way of being active 5 or 6 years or more from now. It's cool to see who still checks in. I know you enjoy it, thanks for all of the number crunching.
Haha, it seems Miss Diane joined and jumped. If I were her, I would have had to fight off the urge to post Embarassing baby photos of Rhett...and I'm sure she has some of Link as a little guy too.
While doing a little research of my own, I came across a picture of someone that looked so familiar. I clicked on her profile and low and behold, it was who I thought. A co worker of mine from the mid 2000s at Walgreens, Lesa Zierenberg Twin Leprechaun. I saw that she also had that she came from Mt. Vernon, IL and that was my last tidbit of verification. I have not seen her in years! She's not been active since 2009. I've exhausted my efforts all day to reconnect to let her know we now, once again have something in common. I would love to bring her back. :/ Again , another instance of how I missed the Legion train.
Ooh ooh ooh , a mutual friend told me where she works here in Mt. Vernon, I might wear my R&L gear in a surprise her!

The K-Mods haven't gone through and deleted inactive accounts, and currently we don't have any protocol in place to do so. I imagine a significant number of earlier members have fallen inactive over the years.


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