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I sometimes wonder what happens to websites like these. communities, social networks, and how many of them have come and gone and disappear without a trace. how many websites like these, built on a single fan base, coming together to talk and work together, have somehow fled form memory and were never heard from again? the websites and communities that were made up of one single fan base, completely dead. we may have no knowledge of them! Sometimes the fan bases themselves will be lost. Some may never know of their existence. But we, the mythical beasts, will live on long after Rhett & Link is over, if ever it will be. even if this website dies, and this community with it, we will always remember it. when this website has slipped under the bed, we, the mythical beasts, will still remember it. This Fanbase Will Never Die. We will always continue to be our mythical best.

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You know a lot of times actors, musicians, artists and such, set up forums and pages and then they just explode! Get so busy, get bigger gigs or get over the top famous and the pages aren't maintained or just taken down. I truly do not think that will happen in the case of Rhett and Link because they seem to have a great appreciation for their fans. I have been a member of some pages and the person just completely discards it and stops interaction but I have made friends from them and even though the physical page is gone, the friendships are still there. I've had some of my friends for 7/8 years and it all started on a page like this. Sometimes I wish my work didn't involve me checking online all the time but those friends make it fun. :-)


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