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  I have noticed a lot of mythical words being made up on the Komm, so this will be the official kommunity dictionary.  Feel free to add your words of mythicality.

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Since I started this, I will be the first to add a word. 

Kommversation(kom•ver•say•shun)- a discussion or conversation which takes place on the RhettandLinKommunity, usually in the Main Chat room.

kool=cool, thomas is annoying=thomas is the best

thomas is the best=thomas is annoying ... XD lol

Kool- Koolness is an admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style which takes place in the kommunity.

welkomm=welcome, komma=komm drama

i acknowledge ur mustache  : welkome new beast

XD lol

Sort of. It can mean awesome, cool, almost anything good, like a compliment. But originally it was another word for sexy :)

Kommigo  = Friend that you only know via the Komm.

afk = Away from Komm

(There are more...I just can't think of them right now.)

rhett = link - - -  i.e., "This is a new discussion thread, but it's been done before . . . here is the rhett:"




Not exactly Gumbo.  See, these are supposed to be random words that were thought up on the Komm, primairily in Main Chat.  The words in the RhettandLinKabulary are just Rhett and Link themed words in general, and they aren't used very much, at least not anymore.  But I digress....

Oh, and I have another.  This has nothing to do with Rhett and Link, but whatever.  I came up with word muchly, derived from the word much.  Can I copyright that?




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