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The Handshake. That ever so iconic handshake. Rhett and Link have done it so many times over the years, and it always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see them do it. From that first time in 1996, they seem to have done it at almost any important event. My idea is that we could round up every picture of them performing the Handshake and order them chronologically, to keep a record of every time they've done it. I'll start off this post with a few, but I know there are MANY, MANY more. If you find a picture that isn't on this post, post it in a reply to this discussion. If possible, try to include the year and event when posting :) BYMB!!

1996- Harnett Central High School Senior Prom

2014- Youtube Rewind

2015- Streamy Awards

Image result for rhett and link handshake

2016- Shorty Awards

Image result for rhett and link youtube shorty awards

2016- Dirty 30 Movie Premiere

Image result for rhett and link getty images

Image result for rhett and link getty images

2016- Streamy Awards

Related image

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2016- Buddy System

2016- Youtube Rewind

2016- AOL Interview

Build Presents Rhett & Link Discussing 'Rhett & Link's Buddy System' : News Photo

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!!!Buddy System Spoilers!!!

Don't forget the final scene of Episode 8 :D I got legitimate chills when they ended it with the handshake.

Yes! I keep trying to get around to screenshotting it

The first Rewind handshake was from 2014 :)

OH YEAH.... oops. I feel dumb now lol

another little bit of TRIVIA - - -

Just as Rhett always sits to the RIGHT of Link so that they are

  • R = Rhett = Right
  • L = Link = Left

notice that Rhett holds up the RIGHT leg and Link his LEFT leg for this handshake.

Same for the caricature images inside the right and left mythical shoes.

Image result for mythical shoes

I love it

But Link says hes happiest when typing with his right hand. And, Links name is spelled all on the right side of the keyboard, which also makes him happy to type.


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