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The Mythical Crew Video that was released yesterday (01/23/16) got me thinking again about something I've noticed in recent GMMs.  Rhett and Link, more than any YouTubers I know, have been so transparent about the business side of their channels.  They mention a lot that they are the bosses and that they have the crew do a lot of the heavy lifting. Even behind-the-scenes videos are filmed more like "a day in the office."

On the one hand, it makes me so happy to see how far Rhett and Link have come and how much they have grown.  I am a huge fan of the mythical crew members and I always love when they are featured on the show or have segments of their own.  I love that Rhett and Link are honest that this is a job and that it is a lot of work.  It reminds me too that they have other people in mind (i.e., their families) that they need to support by making money and growing the business.  Finally, having such a large crew allows for fantastically elaborate GMM episodes that are incredibly well made.

On the other hand, it sometimes makes me feel a little awkward how obvious it is that Rhett and Link are the face of a show that sometimes doesn't even seem like theirs anymore.  I really enjoy watching back the old episodes where they literally just had a conversation and still made it fun and entertaining.  It also makes them seem more distant sometimes from the fans.  (I even read the official Rhett and Link twitter in Jen's voice now because everything tweeted from there is so Jen.)

I'm not accusing them or applauding them, just presenting two sides of a coin.  I haven't even really made up my own mind how I feel about the newer tone, but I thought I would see what everyone else thought, or even if y'all noticed it. (I know I tend to overthink things).

Be your mythical best!

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I see what you're saying. I only notice how much they grown and I'm happy that R&L are where they are now! Looking back on their old videos is so great because you can see their growth in trying different things. I am enjoying the random snaps, but I would love to see them vlog again. I understand if they don't have time, because of family & their business, or other plans to just be people. :)

GMM still feels very much like "their show" to me right now. If it didn't, I think we'd really notice.

Social media is a whole different thing to me though. In a weird way, what makes it special is how less often they post. If they posted everyday, it could get a bit annoying and tiresome. I know many celebs/known peoples who post everyday, multiple times, and, depending on the content, I get bored of what they're saying. It means more to me if they post when they really want to say something, or just be silly. My only thing with having other people post for them is the content. Me, I'm getting tired of seeing random memes and pics. I'd rather they share fan art or quotes or discussions or something like that rather than random stuff online. (I've seen they've been sharing more Tumblr content, so that's cool.) No politics though.

Overall, I think they're still having fun doing what they've wanted to do, calling something theirs and being supported by so many people. Especially on a platform that is so fragile, but they make it work. :)

All of y'alls inputs are really awesome! I love that this Kommunity really cares about them so much! :)
I have to say, with any great thing, comes growth. Growth brings change and we just don't like change. But, these guys are having a hell of a great time, don't you think?? I mean...working should be fun, and while everyone may not be able to enjoy what they do, the GMM crew is killing it! They get to be part of this crazy awesome thing that these two guys built and are clearly SO admired for. The bigger, the better. As long as Rhett and Link stay humble, they've got big stuff ahead.

I don't believe that they have as much fun as they used to have when the only crew member was Jason. I mean, even if I don't want to believe it, the producers (Stevie and Drew) are choosing the subjects, according to how interesting it can get, not according to Rhett and Link's preference I believe.

Nothing is more interesting then doing it by yourself! 
And it does feel like they did lost a bit of interest in GMM, compared to the first few seasons.

I have thought the exact same thing! I find the episodes less funny now, and preferred when it was two BFFs having conversations. I still like their skits, Thursday means mail, etc.  I find the "Will it" episodes especially boring and a tired formula. I hope R&L see this discussion and take the mythical beasts into consideration.

I relate to that so much! I used to love their anecdotes, they once said that the things they talk about is about the conversation they had earlier together. Back in the days, I felt like they were part of my friends. I love hearing people's stories, it is just so interesting! But now, they resemble to celebrities, meaning that they are kind of unrelatable because we are not near them, which is kind of true, but it makes me mad that I feel like this. 
I also don't like how the stick to the GMM schedule so much. There is barely new videos on their "main" channel (when it used to be their main one). 
But don't get me wrong, even if they are not like before, I do appreciate them and even LOVE them, but almost as if they were other youtubers, and the old one just... quit.

I have been thinking a lot about that too. I miss the old episodes where it really was just Rhett, Link and camera (Sometimes a camera man) Now it feels like some of the stuff is a little bit scripted and the show doesn't even belong to them anymore. It's sad. :( I still enjoy the content that they create but I feel like they may be a little bit out of touch now. They don't care about the fans as much as they used too.



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