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Heyyyyyy this has been on my mind for awhile, and I was just wondering if there is gonna be a Supernote 2012? So far there have been two that I know of, every other year (2008 and 2010) with Rhett and Link as the hosts. I think they did it in the fall both times... So here's the question:


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Haha, I asked the same thing a couple months ago: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/supernote-2012 When I asked them during a livetweet Q&A session they had the Friday before GMM 2 started, they verified that yes, there will indeed be a SuperNote 2012 this October (same month as the previous two years). Start exercising those lungs!

okay thanks! :D By the way, how do you find out when live tweets and such are?

I'm following them on twitter, so when they made an announcement (on @rhettandlink) to stay tuned later in the afternoon at X time for "something special", I waited to find out (they only announced it on twitter). :P I have no idea how frequently they've done that in the past (if at all), since I'm only a recent fan. They said they'd consider doing it again but didn't say anything definite.

okay thanks! :D this may call for making a Twitter account! ;)

I watched GMM this morning and they said that there is a super note challenge going on right now :D

go to today's GMM episode page > > >  Season 2 ~ Episode #41 - - - Supernote 2012: Team Mythical Beast in the group GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING FANS for all the details and to join in the discussion

yeah I know. I posted this way back in August. ;P


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