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  • What do you want R&L to talk about? 


  • Are you considered to be somewhat of an "EXPERT" on that subject?


  • Have you already make a suggestion to Rhett and Link  via comment post on  ,  or  ?


  • Did they think it was a great idea? Or do they believe you are completely insane for even suggesting such a thing and should be put away somewhere quiet before you hurt yourself?


  • If you were a flower, what type would you be?

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Great topic. Great, great topic.

Rhett has said that flying on a plane is particularly difficult for him because he is so tall.
I was listening to This American Life (NPR radio show) and this product was mentioned-- the Knee Defender. It's two simple clips you put on your tray that keeps the person in front of you from leaning their seat back. Of course the question of whether this is ethical came up.
I want Rhett and Link to talk about this, and maybe even get a set of the Knee Defenders for the next time they travel.

(no, I do not work for this company so I am sorry if I sound like a commercial. I just think this is an interesting if morally ambiguous product that Rhett should look into)

They should talk about the process of making their tv show or making their movie.

Rhett. Link. I think for the months of November to early January you should put up a Mythical Christmas Tree up for the show. Just basically a Christmas tree you put up in the set for Christmastime and you can decorate it with all sorts of mythical-type ordaments. Better yet, have fans send ordaments to put on the tree during Thursday Means Mail. I think it would be a fun holiday treat that would make the show all the more interesting.



Does anyone else have an interest in learning if Rhett and Link had any rocky points in their relationship? Cause I have a friendship similar to theirs (we've known each other since first grade and we're seniors in high school now) and we've had our fights and clunky parts. Did Rhett and Link? And how'd they get past it? Please talk about it?

yea 2014!

Rhett forbids Link from standing up.

This is a wheel of mythicality idea, not a show topic, but it's a good one.

This might be a bad idea or a good idea. I think Rhett and Link should make a vloging channel. Maybe sometimes only Rhett would vlog or only link would vlog and maybe they could vlog together somedays. I think they should make a vlog because they are really good at making long conversations so a 5 minute vlog would be easy. If they agree to start a vlog, they could talk about on GMM.

I like it.  Would also like to see something under "secret vids" on the R&L app -- maybe a secret contest for Season2?

What's funny is Rhettandlink2 started out as a vlogging channel. :P



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