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So this month they said that they were channeling all of their energy into something truly mythical, I'm pretty sure that's what they said when they announced the first ever mythical shoe. What do you think they will announce on Monday the 20? I'm hoping that it is new shoes or merch cause they are taking lots of stuff off of the store website.

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I'm definitely not going to be able to get to sleep now it's like 10:30 here and I'm gonna be thinking abut this all night long and I got school in the morning.

We now know!! Ear Biscuits is coming back and in video form in addition to audio & there's going to be more crew content (including a Mike & Alex show)!

Yeah! I wonder what the show that mike and Alex will have will be called... I'm so excited! Even more videos for me to binge watch ;p

According to the new channel trailer, it's called "Ten Feet Tall" -- the trailer is flashing the names of the new shows in between clips from them.

or is it?  to me everything looks like the new show might be named "This Is Mythical" just as R&L Channel #4 (extras) has now been re-branded with Mike & Alex making up a comedy team known as "10 Feet Tall"

This Is Mythical also now has its own official twitter:

I'm not sure what you mean by this, Gumbo...the new channel announced today is called "This is Mythical," formerly the "Extras" channel. Mike and Alex's duo isn't called Ten Feet Tall; that's the name of the show they're starring in.

The channel will include multiple shows on different days of the week. You can see the schedule of episodes in the channel's header image now: https://www.youtube.com/thisismythical. Think of the channel sort of like a TV network in the sense that it houses several different shows.

The trailer indicates several show titles, including:

  • Ear Biscuits
  • Ten Feet Tall
  • Mythical-icious
  • Mythical Crew


That's what happens when I try to make sense out of things before waiting for the full post to go up. Still, why pick a name that's already taken (see twitter captures below)?

Ear biscuits! In video form. Hells yeah!! 

It is called "This Is Mythical" - - trailer also uploaded today on the old GMM4 (the old "EXTRAS" channel)

So the "mystery" is now complete. No further need for deciphering or guessing at clues


I realize that Mike & Alex are using the name "10 Feet Tall" for their team, but due to what is perhaps some lack of due diligence they'll need to be careful on the hashtags to avoid confusion with an already existing show . . . poor planning?


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