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So this month they said that they were channeling all of their energy into something truly mythical, I'm pretty sure that's what they said when they announced the first ever mythical shoe. What do you think they will announce on Monday the 20? I'm hoping that it is new shoes or merch cause they are taking lots of stuff off of the store website.

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Well, from what I've seen so far and what they've been putting out on their "Extras" channel, lots of people speculate a new season of their podcast, Ear Biscuits. But that wasn't a channel before, it was just audio on iTunes and Soundcloud. I don't know. If Ear Biscuits will now be a video podcast, that would be exciting! I've seen some other YouTubers do that and it has done really well with their audience. 

I have a feeling it is something completely new and different!

That would be awesome. It's been long awaited, I think. Certainly has been by me. One of the top upvoted comments on their Reddit AMA. 

It's now beginning to be deciphered by MBs in the comments on EXTRAs channel uploads. 

One says the "compromised illumination of a bulbous platform" is fancy talk for the round table of dim lighting (ear biscuts) is coming out on 3/27, March 27th!

AUDIO CLUES at 0:00 and 3:00

Not much to hear on this one . . . 2:43 and 3:40 

and only one (1) audio clue in the third installment . . . at 10:20

Chocolate Cake7 hours ago (edited)

Ok, so if the titles are morse code, so far we've got a letter G and a letter T (**see edit**), so I'm not sure that's the answer.

We've got "this is" "VoV" and the times of the videos: 3:27 (which may be a date) 4:46 12:36 ???

We've got "compromised illumination of a round bulbous platform" "what are we gonna do today" "**uninteligible**" and "what are the chances"

There's a rumour going round about some numbers that refer to the letters E and B in the alphabet, although I dunno about that...........

For goodness sake, somebody call Sherlock, we're gonna need some help!

*Edit* turns out the T (in morse code) is not a T but an M, most likely for GMM. Credit to Nabil Jamil We've established the EB is ear biscuits as is "compromised illumination of a round bulbous platform" but what about the rest?

PERSONALLY, I'm not sure about the whole morse code thing.

Might have something to do with numerical Angle System for branding livestock?

As seen on the very first item added to the

I'm glad we're getting a little classic R&L code deciphering again. It's been far too long.

Only one more day until we find out and the suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!

In mythical crew she said that we should "really" watch it.. It think it might be another clue in the episode, dont know why! But I wanna know what it is!! 

I love all the guesses and trying to figure out what all these videos mean and what is coming tomorrow? It has to be something that will happen on Saturday as there is no GMC next week. Food has been a guess, ear biscuits (which I really hope it is), the options are limitless. All I know is that because it is coming from them, it will be good. 

So darn excited for the announcement!




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