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Well this is going to get controversial...

As I usually do, I was rewatching some "old" R&L videos when I was in a mood to watch The Fabulous Bentley Brothers - Genesis video (don't ask). Before watching the video, I decided to read the comments as I knew about what was going on down there but BOY HOWDY I didn't know how much happened since the last time I checked out the comments.

There were two main types of comments and both have been ridiculed for their stance -

  1. Comments that say that someone's a lot happier knowing that Rhett and Link are Christian and are bigger fans of them because of it (usually along the lines of "OMG I love Rhett and Link so much more now! They're now my favourite YouTubers! This made my day!")
  2. Comments that say that someone is disappointed that Rhett and Link are Christian and/or did the Bentley Brothers thing and go so far as to unsubscribe from R&L and stop watching them

My bitcoin/opinion on this (I'm probably going to reiterate some stuff as I go on but oh well. You don't have to read this) - 

I'm not too happy with the fact that people are liking R&L more or less just because they are Christian. I was Christian and I was pleased to know that R&L were Christian but it didn't change my perception of them. I'm disgusted that people would stop watching R&L simply because they're religious and I'm (slightly) appalled that someone would like R&L a lot more just because they're Christian. As Rhett states here, he and Link are Christian but they do not want to make their videos political or religious or anything controversial - they just want to entertain. The Fabulous Bentley Brothers are entertaining and just happen to be singing about the Bible. Sure, R&L have done religious content on their own channels, platforms etc. and the whole purpose of the FBB was to teach kids about the Bible before but that was before, if you don't mind me saying, the Kommunity really expanded. Since R&L have a huge fanbase now with varying cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, they can't just talk about their religion in front of other people and really express it (which is a bit sad but they seem to be fine with it). Of course they can talk about religion and their experiences but not to a large extent. Any expression of faith may be construed as them forcing their religion on people or not acknowledging other religions so it's best that they stay wary of this sort of thing because there's bound to be controversy (and this is very annoying because it seems that sometimes they want to talk about important topics but they can't because of what might ensue. It's nice to know R&L care and are sensitive/aware of these things and what certain discussions can spark).

On one side of the spectrum, people are overwhelmed with joy that R&L are Christians. I really don't think that this should affect their overall opinion of them. I know that I can't control people's feelings but I seriously think that one's religion shouldn't affect how you perceive someone and feel about someone in a massive way. If R&L made a song about the awesomeness of Donald Trump, it would be polarising like the Bentley Brothers but there will still be the people that will love R&L more because of their political views (although I will admit that I would like R&L a little less if they loved Turmp so much that they wrote a song and supported all of his opinions and promises but hey - it is Donald Trump (sorry to get political there)). It's nice that R&L did this but being Christian isn't the biggest part of who they are or at least it's not what they want to be known for. And I think that some people are taking this very seriously and close to the heart...

I have a bone to pick with the people that dislike R&L solely because of their religion. No one including Rhett and Link are idiots for being religious. THOSE WHO HATE ON PEOPLE FOR THEIR RELIGION ARE THE TRUE IDIOTS. It's disrespectful, rude and it makes me want to punch a wall. It also furthers the myth that all religious people are stupid and that atheists are superior intellectually which is untrue (and it furthers the stereotype that atheists are hateful people which is also false (in most cases)). People can believe what they want to believe and do what they want to do (well, people shouldn't commit crimes but that's another discussion) and you have no right to tell anyone that they can't believe or do something. Anyone who stops watching R&L (or anyone really) for the most inane reasons need to get a lesson taught to them.

Just one last thing - what's with this "I sensed that they were Christian" thing? How in the wide world of sports can you tell if someone is Christian just by watching a few videos? If anything, it was probably to be expected that R&L were Christian as most of the US population are Christians and people from the South tend to be quite religious (this is not a generalisation - it's just an observation). But still, what the heck?! 

Just read the comments to get the gist of the positions/stances people are taking

This is not a crusade against anyone - it's an address (sort of)

I just want to say this - who cares as long as it's entertaining? Can't we just enjoy a catchy tune?

All of the mishegas surrounding this is legitimately giving me a headache. *Sigh*

Now I'll hand over this discussion over to you guys. What do you think?


P.S. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I just thought that this should be talked about and I apologise in advance if I've gotten a few facts wrong or a few reasons/opinions invalid

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I would just want to know where the church they attend donates money. I wouldn't want to help them make money (by watching videos, buying merch, etc) if that money goes to hurt other people.

How would it go to hurt people?



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