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Mythical beasts, the season finale of season 13 is coming to an end early. We don’t know when season 14 is coming, but don’t panic. Want proof, check today’s This Week On GMM.

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They haven't said anything in the videos today, but last year when they got ready for Good Mythical Summer, they also announced Buddy System Season 2. Do we know if that is the case this year with Buddy System Season 3? I haven't heard anything and google isn't providing any answers. 

No, there hasn't been any news or mention of a possible Buddy System Season 3.

However, Rhett and Link are traveling to Australia and performing Tour of Mythicality shows in July, so they're probably using most of their time off this summer to not only take some vacation/rest time but also prepare, rehearse, and perform the Australia Tour of Mythicality.

OR... Season 3 is the story of yet another alternate version of them -- Aussie Rhett & Link -- and the entire Australian Tour of Mythicality is a clever front to travel there and preserve the surprise.

A conspiracy is afoot!

I meant in Rhett and Link’s social media or today’s episode of GMM.
On the other hand, they’re only taking a 3 week break then it’s GMS.


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