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Post below and introduce yourself! It's just like when you call in to our Kast: who are ya? where are ya? Plus, add anything else you wanna share. But don't embarrass yourself.

To tell us who you are, set up your profile page! We'd like to see your face and you can use the page to tell us about yourself.

To tell us where you are, head over to The Great American Road Trip group and put a pin in the map! Or, if you're an international kommunity member, raise your hand over at this group.

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My name is Rachel I live in Winnipeg, Canada, basically the coldest place on earth that can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius or even higher and I play piano and the sport ringette.
I am Michael on New Jersey I play bassoon buff said

My name is Paige. I live on Chehalem Mountain in Oregon. Let's see . . . Im 22. I'm a support specialist at a center for disabled adults. I raise and breed Netherland Dwarfs (which sound like Mythical creatures but are in fact a very small breed of domestic rabbit) I'm also a fan of My Little Pony and Little House on the Prarie. Love God. Love my family. Love watching Good Mythical Morning. Hello everyone ! :)

Hello my fellow mythical beasts I am Kenny strode (Mr. D_Lo) to some I am a new member to your Kommunity, and would like to let you guys know who I am a little bit... 

I'm from Montclair CA born and bred and I'm excited to be here

I am a 21 yr old I work as a technician on what I deem to be the most epic car in the past present and future... I work for DeLorean Motor Company. yes, DeLorean like Back to the future and I love it, in fact this is my dream job... anyway sorry bout that I love deloreans and that is actually how I came to find rhett and link because one of the first videos I watched of them was the song "In the 80's" and got hooked from then on. 

what is there really else to say I dabble in rapping, I am a hopeful romantic, and I love most comedies... 

if any of you like deloreans as well hit me up... lol 

My name is grant I'm 14 I spend my days studying for school playing sports and watching gmm . There is plenty more that I do but I'm not going to carry on about me.

Hi I am Theron. I am from Lynden, Washington. A lot of people pronounce my name wrong so for clarification it is said like th-air-on. I hope that makes sense? well i am new to the kommunity but i have watched GMM for a long time and enjoy it greatly! A little bit about me i am 16 years old i have a girlfriend who i plan to marry after high school, i like to unicycle, do parkour, and pole vault. I am currently in track and just found out today i am running a 4 by 100 relay so i am super stoked! well i am glad i could share a little bit about me. seeya next time!

My names Elizabeth but most people call me Lizzie or Liz or come up with some random alternative like lizzard or thelizmeister (one of my fav's). I'm 22 years old and I live in Scotland. I'm a psychology graduate and I am currently waitressing while I prepare to go back to university to study mental health nursing.

 I stumbled upon the original t-shirt wars video by Rhett and Link a while back when browsing youtube videos and I have been a fan of them ever since. I like to come back from work to find a new GMM episode to cheer me up after a long day :). As well as following Rhett and Link on youtube my other hobbies include dancing, zumba and running which work to balance out my love of all things sweet and cake like :P 

Funny enough, I'm Grant as well. I'm looking to start a Vimeo account inspired by Rhett and Link.

Hey everyone! My name is Austin, and I'm from Athens, Georgia (yes I am the guy that was at the end of yesterday's GMM). I'm 17 years old and am somewhat new to Rhett and Link, although I've been on YouTube for a while now. I've heard of them a lot the past few years, but only recently started watching them this summer. Since then I've been addicted, every morning before school I always watch GMM.

I have my own gaming channel on YouTube (although lately I really haven't kept up with it too well, I've had a very busy year) with about 800 subscribers. I have a wide variety of hobbies, such as playing Saxophone, Clarinet, and Ocarina, playing airsoft, watching anime and reading manga, running a podcast with several friends, learning Japanese, and of course playing video games! I'm also a writer for ZeldaUniverse.net.

I'm still kind of getting used to the kommunity as I just joined yesterday, but if you want to message me feel free to do so! We're all beasts here! :p

Anyways, I hope to see everyone around!


Hi my name is Ellis!!! I've been watching GMM since the last month or 2.I think it is SO funny!!

Hi yall! I'm Ashley, From TN. I've been watching Rhett and Link regularly for about 2 months now. They are awesome. 

I am Jordyn the Koalizama! I from Great Falls, MT, born and raised. I spend about 60% of my time on the internet on Youtube (especially watching and/or listening to Rhett & Link videos.) I am a person of many fandoms including, Stargate, Sanctuary, Doctor Who, and of course Rhett and Link. I would absolutely say that I am both a nerd and a geek. I love trying to get my friends into my fandoms. 



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