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You were wonderful, and quite familiar.

Hopefully the new layout will follow suit.

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it makes me so SAD!!! WAAAH!!!!

extra revenue I suppose...they may be planning something for us that will require extra money for...so don't be so quick to condemn the ads...

little point I shall also bring up, the new layout, while trashing the old logo (NEEEEEEEOOOOOO!!!!!!!) it does look much cleaner, and it only changes the header, nothing has changed the actual content of the page...except for the addition of ads, which if you have adblock (which I don't suggest, since it's unlikely to be an annoyance...) nothing has really changed


and anyways, the process of renovating the kommunity began when the chat was remade into it's new facebook rip-off version.

they moved out of the kave first...which did signal a rather momentous change in their residence, I do suppose they felt that should be known, and anyways, rhett adn link are becoming ever more popular, so making all this look better for the newbies might persuade them to join...I won't say anything about afterwards...but the point is.

(you don't have to read that...it's just me trying to justify what I'm about to say)

the komm layout was becoming stale...and if you want to ask why. Don't go to me, go to the people who changed it in the first place. no logical fallacies shall be commied within my presence!

and also, you WANT them to change it back, there is no need for it to change back...

one for you, it was their choice though, so please don't argue with me about why they did that

moot point, they still changed it

It will be missed. Though at times change can be a good thing.

It's weird that you have to log into Facebook or Twitter to comment on a video on the site, though. Old comments aren't there anymore, however they still exist on the old rhettandlink.com/blog. And I was watching old live shows (I have too much free time right now) which are no longer under Videos, so I'll have to go to Ustream. There's always usually kinks to clean up with redesigns. Overall I love it though! It's so smooth and sleek and shiny. 

They've been changing a lot of things lately. Oh well, I guess we had to expect it sometime. Really though, the only I don't like about the new layout is the grayish-blue background. It's so dark and unwelcoming—to me, at least. Old Komm will be missed.

I like it, kinda... It gives a new sleek look.  All around, it's OK.

Kinda like when there's a new facebook layout. I do miss it. Especially the old logo, I'm not a huge fan of this one but thats okay.


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