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is it just me or can you always hear rhetts voice more in almost all of the songs. especially the shamwow song?

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That's definitely true. I thought about that a few days ago..
i think its for two reasons (although i may be wrong): rhett has a slightly deeper voice and that Link predominantly sings the harmony in their songs. Maybe because Rhett sings the melody, which is what you would sing if it were a solo, its sort of what your ear follows. just some ideas, but i don't really notice it that much.
that is true! I thought that when i first bought their songs and was listening to them. Rhett either seems to be the louder one or the only one that sings. or the first to sing.
I'm pretty sure that's cuz link does the harmonies :) 
i dont know sometimes i swear i dont hear link one bit
yea.. maybe cause his is deeper? idk... but i like the Lost (answers) song where they switch off! yay!


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