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I had this idea in the middle of the night, so it might be stupid... 

What I want to see is a new Rhettandlink song made by us, the mythical beasts! So, my idea consists in all of us replying in this discussion with a phrase (only 1 please). If you can, try to make it rhyme with the latest phrase added to the discussion. Hopefully, Rhett and Link will see this discussion and make a brand new song written by us! :D

So, please let me start with this a phrase (yes, we started again, sorry for the confussion...)

"This is the kommunity, home of the mythical beasts"

(If you need help finding rhymes, go to this page: http://www.rhymes.net/rhyme/ , thanks Gumbo123 for the link!)

Here you can read how the song is currently being made:

"This is the kommunity home of the mythical beasts and this is the song on how we got there, for Rhett and Link live here. Yes, they are a bit weird..."

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When I read your title I thought "yeah, that'll be cool" but I think the song should be about the Kommunity in general, not about every beast, 'cause it'll be too long then. I see this song being something like the anthem of the Mythical Land, written by mythical beasts. It's only my opinion though. I can't think of a rhyming phrase now so I'll wait until someone else writes.(:

Not always you'll find something to rhyme, so you just can just start another rhyming pattern! :D Just, if possible, rhyme ;) And, the song will go to any direction, we can't really control it and make it only about the kommunity, that would be kind of difficult... :P I just want to see a weird new song XD

he's got a huge crush on a girl named Xena



STUCK FOR A RHYMING WORD?  http://www.rhymes.net/rhyme/tina


but she liked carlos pena

I think a good beginning would be "This is the kommunity, home of the mythical beasts".

You're right, i just changed it ;) thanks for the suggestion!

I QUIT - - when you change the opening line the next two lines submitted no longer make any sense. 

I can't be involved with a game if the rules change without notice during play.

Yeah, sorry, but I think it was a bit selfish to start the song with my username, don't you think? So I guess the two lines preaviously submitted shouldn't count. Sorry for the confussion, my bad... But please, submit another phrase, we won't change the start again, i promise ;)

This is the kommunity home of the mythical beasts and this is the song on how we got there, for Rhett and Link live here.


Sorry, I meant to respond to the thread, to continue the song with another phrase, but accidentaly repliad to your comment. Sorry, my bad :/

Yes, they are a bit weird...



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