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I am frustrated. The colour of Rhett's eyes is being debated on Twitter so much (probably because of me) and 1/2 say it's grey and the other 1/2 say it's green. We never seem to reach an agreement as to what the colour of Rhett's eyes are. I say they're green because Rhett has stated numerous times that they are green, they usually look green and they just appear to be grey in different lighting but many fervently say that they are grey and refuse to think that they are wrong. 

So that's why I took to the Kommunity to ask the question -

What colour are Rhett's eyes?

This may be frivolous but I want to know what others think 

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To me, in the picture above they look grey. But sometimes they look more green. And lighting and the color of your shirt can make certain pigments in the coloring of your eye pop. So personally, I believe both parties are right. Rhett has green/grey eyes. Green eyes have a medium level of melanin which can appear to blend with different hues based on background colors, hair color, the color of clothing, etc. It could also be linked to him ageing. 

Here is some more information: https://www.vsp.com/eye-color.html

I think they're green! O:

They can look very green in natural lighting, and also he's called them green himself! o: (Like saying green nail polish will go with his eyes)

Like they're not the GREENEST Of green eyes, my mum has green eyes and her eyes are more green than Rhetts look, and they can look very grey sometimes, and other times I think they can look very hazel? But the colour eyes look depends on lighting and surroundings! Like I have blue eyes and sometimes they look bright blue but other times they can just look like grey, so I'd imagine green eyes can be the same!! <:

Heck if I know, haha. I've seen screenshots that illustrate how Rhett's eyes appear different colors depending on the lighting or other factors -- in addition to green and gray, sometimes they look hazel to me! I can see some brown around the pupil sometimes. My husband's eyes are similar in the sense that he just calls them green even though they technically have a little bit of brown around the pupil. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today's GMM #981 = GREEN

But then again in The Epic Rap Battle of Manliness they looked very bluish.

They're blue steel


I think it depends on the lighting. I've seen some photos where they look a blue-green colour, and others where they are grey.

they are grey
Rhett's eyes are Hazel. Which means most of the time they look grey but if he wears blue they look blue, if he wears green they will look green. I have Hazel eyes too.
he says they're green so they're green.


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