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Dang I LOVE IT! Thanks for uploading that video Jaymie :)

No problem. I knew I always wanted to see a glimpse of what was sent when I participated in something.

Everything looks AMAZING Jaymie, and thank you so much for letting me put my art in the book! Rhett will love everything, I'm sure of it!

Thank you for your submission. It would not have turned out as nice without all of those amazing submissions.

Thanks so much for putting this together! It came out great and you did an amazing job! I'm glad I got to participate this year :)

Thank you for participating!

I was excited to see that Rhett is putting his 'favorites mousepad', that was included in his birthday package from the Kommunity, to good use on his desk at the office. He only mentioned the book in his "Thank you" video but the sneak peak video in this discussion shows the mousepad and the desktop organizer that went to him also. I did not spot the organizer, but seeing the mousepad gives me faith that he is using it somewhere.


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