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It makes me so sad to see how expensive the VIP tickets are for the Rhett and Link show just to meet them. Me, my dad and 5 of my siblings are going and obviously since so many of us are going we can't do the VIP. And I do understand that you get more stuff for the $150 but that can't work for my family and I know that we all really want to meet them. Maybe they can do something where you pay just a little more and instead of getting a bunch of extra stuff and just go and meet them so that family's can go and see them too? Just my thoughts. What do you think?

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I agree! But i guess you pay for their time as well.... :/ still sucks though.

I honestly didn't think that they would do that to us like its crazy and I was under the impression that I had vip tickets and I made sure that I had selected the vip option on the first day of pre sale and when we got the email it said regular tickets and I cried for over 2 hours and I never cry. my dad emailed mythical entertainment and my nana was on the phone with the ticket company for hours. we were all very upset and still no reply from mythical entertainment. and I'm almost positive that Rhett and link would not allow the vip tickets to cost so much they are normally very reasonable with pricing. very very disappointed


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