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I noticed that R&L's guest appearance playlist on their channel hasn't been updated in a while. I decided I'd try to find some of their guest appearances/interviews/commercials that aren't on their own channels and put them into a Youtube playlist. I found a bunch, but I'm sure there's still a ton out there. I also added a couple of tribute videos, but I'd like to keep these to a minimum unless they are very good.

It came to me that this would be a great KBE. If you know of any videos that aren't on the list, post them here! I'll add them to the list. This can serve as a Kommunity directory of their guest appearances.  Happy (video) hunting!

The playlist: Rhett & Link Guest Appearances

*Note: The playlist is not very well organized right now. It's not chronological by any means. It's grouped together more by what channel they were on.

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"3-Way Savoury Doughnut Face-Off! Ft. Rhett & Link": https://youtu.be/EQebXFL6iBg

"Rhett & Link Enter The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest | The New Yorker": https://youtu.be/kfhi4I_6bQ0

"It's #Up2Us: Stand Up To Cancer I The Live Digital Show": https://youtu.be/JFyZ9lNWK1I

"HERHETTITARY | 100TH TRAILER SPECIAL (Rhett & Link)": https://youtu.be/ncYXmB3VfnM

Rhett & Link and Stevie make an appearance with a special message for Dani.

"The Ultimate Pancake Cook-off ft. Rhett and Link | Cooking with Marshmello": https://youtu.be/InQH2BTiohs

"Good Mythical Valleyfolk w/ Rhett and Link," The Valleyfolk: https://youtu.be/FVcaX6TEBas

A video full of BTS from The Valleyfolk's 10/23/18 appearance on GMM.

Rhett & Link are featured in a promotional video for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"Rhett and Link amazed by the St. Jude mission": https://www.stjude.org/get-involved/other-ways/st-jude-thanks-and-g...

They're also in a St. Jude video that talks more about their actual visit to St. Jude.

"Rhett and Link Visit St. Jude": https://youtu.be/U-CAQt69bhk

This unlisted video ad from St. Jude ft. Rhett & Link has been showing on YouTube since November, and has additional footage from Rhett & Link’s interview and their visit with children & families at the hospital: https://youtu.be/R1sunXalkgs

"Game Theory Charity Livestream for Mental Health! (Ft: Rhett & Link, Rosanna Pansino, and MORE!)": https://youtu.be/XKQMBUy4xA4

After the livestream ended, Rhett & Link's segment was uploaded to the GTLive channel as a standalone segment: https://youtu.be/hnDjHuynBZE

I don't know if this was ever added here...this is from when Rhett & Link served as panel judges for Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day in 2014. "Shit Talk: Comedy Hack Day Six Grand Prize Winner": https://youtu.be/WUdO5r_D728


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