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Heeyyyy... So I was just thinking here while I was watching some old videos of Rhett and Link at a concert, and I was like, "I would SO go to their concert if they toured or came anywhere near Minnesota!" So I was kinda wondering what they would think about doing a concert/tour type thing around t least the states. I know I would DEFINITELY come, and I'm pretty sure quite a few of you here would as well. I also think it would be a great way for them to earn more attention (not to mention money from the tickets!  haha!) :D Tell me what your beastly opinions on this are! I personally would be SO PUMPED if I got to meet this guys. They're pretty darn awesome if you ask me. B)

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yeah I really want to meet them too! :DD

Yeah Tobuscus is touring the world doing standup. So why can't Rhett and Link tour the states? They could make another Road Trip series even! If they tour I would defiantly go. Or maybe they could have concerts at their homes and have us fly out there to see them. Why do they always have to come to us? And then we could also meet Julian Smith! :D Or he could tour with them! Thats even better! and they could write a song together and do skits. Ooooh man now there is nothing that would keep me from going!...especially if Tobuscus joins but that is unlikely because he is just finishing touring the world so he is probably tired and doesn't want to do touring for a while.

that would be cool! But I think it would be harder for everyone to get plane ticket to CA... :P But hey! Who knows! XD

There is no doubt that i would be willing to pay high prices to have the opportunity to see Rhett and Link LIVE in a concert! and because i live in Cali, if they ever decided to actually do a concert, it would be quite likely that it would be near me :)  My dream is to meet them...and this might be a convenient opportunity if it were to happen! But i can also understand that they may not want to tour because they do have families to be with and touring would be a big obligation. but you never know..maybe a few shows here and there...random mythical meet ups? would be awesome!

yeah! Definitely  I mean, it would have to be like a concert or tour just something where people could meet them. And if they sang something for us too that would make it even more awesome! :DD I would go to Vidcon, but its like a three day drive from MN. D': So, I would be SO EXCITED if they came close enough to my house to drive there in a day. ;)

Yea but they should also go in other countries like Canada and other places

this is a good idea, but it would also cost them alot more :/

i would die if they came to GA. I would make my mom drive me and my mythical friends anywhere just to see them live!

same here! :DD

In Atlanta so I can go!!

Well... (not to be that one annoying person but) I think that it would be amazing for them to tour, even though I live in Southern CA kind of near them, I think it may not be the best thing for them at the moment. After all, they have families with younger kids, and it is probably just easier for them to stay put. Perhaps during the next summer (so far away!) they could do a trip, but they would of course need a sponsor to pay for their flights.

So... pray that Rhett and Link:

a) win lottery(see Julian Smith video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hM2yydtTcQ&feature=g-u-u)

b) get an amazing sponsor 

c) or those people that created the Tupoc hologram will realize what a waste Tupoc was for technology so great, and leave it to us mythical beasts ;)

Take your pick. :D


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