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Rhett and Link are on Comcast's On Demand! Now my obsession can reach a new level. LMAO. I got my 13 yr old son hooked too.
You guys rawk!

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oh yeah, how exactly?
How exactly what?? Did I get my son hooked or the tv thing?? I told Rhett about the tv thing and he looked into it... it's on ON DEMAND... comcast.
I got my son hooked cuz I showed him the shamwow song....lol.. he's been listening to you guys ever since. We both have your songs on our ipods.... sang them on a 12 hour trip to Montana.
If you need more info on the tv thing let me know.


Link Neal said:
oh yeah, how exactly?
ha, i first heard you guys when i was watching flippycat on youtube. it was her crayon vid, and the crayon colour song played during. after that i spent a week looking for the 2 that did the song, whitch i felt dumb later 'cause i didnt watch through the whole video, the video had a link "no pun intendid" to rhett and link's youtube channel. i have been a fluent listener ever since.
this is so cool!!
I have Comcast, how do I find them?
It was here: On Demand>The Cutting Edge>Stupidvideos>sketch comedy>Phatdippin. I just looked and it's not there anymore.... there could be more of them on there but I haven't found it. Good Luck.

Peter Heggem said:
I have Comcast, how do I find them?
i also saw them on tv yesterday on ION its a movie channel and they did the shamwow song and then the real ad and were sellin shamwows during commercial breaks


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