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I just learned how to make gifs, and I'm thinking of making more of these :)
Would you like that? Have you made any Rhett and Link gifs? Post them here!

This is Rhett and Link eating swedish "monkey turds".

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Aw... i wish it looped better.. lol!!!!



I like this on A LOT for some reason....... :SS

Rhett's head looks weird without the 3 inches of hair no sticking up. lol!!!!

The picture quality on this one got really low for some reason, but I'll post it here anyway.

One of my fave episodes  is now my fave GIF!

what episode was this from.

somebody on YT asked for a gif of link screeming,

so i made one :D

Some underwater bacon :D

@ Rebecca ~ just because a few people have been asking about your "monkey turds" .gif lately, here is some of the background on the Swedish Monkey Turds video.  I thought it might be handy to keep it here when others ask you what that's all about.


It's from an old Friday Means Mail episode titled SWEDISH MONKEY TURDS  (original air date 05/07/2010) . . . it came all the way from Sweden and a R&L fan that plays in a band named TITAN.


On the YouTube page for R&L's video, a viewer who speaks Swedish comments: 

"Djunglevrål means Jungle Yell"




PS - - here are some videos from the band Titan: 


Do you need a specific program to make gifs? Gifsoup doesnt work for me... :(

I use photoshop.

I found this one on tumblr a while back and couldn't stop staring at it for DAYS.




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