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I am calling Link to a rap battle, Link if you want one here I am! Just me and you, no one else. But please remember that this is all a joke and in good fun!

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Link, I know you thought calling me bad would make me sad, but actually I am quite glad,
Yeah you and Rhett are entertained by us dissin' each other and calling names, But the truth is,
What you said to me was kinda lame and tamed unlike my screen name!
Honestly Link you should be ashamed, writing something that bad, Yeah I rapped that!

So here I am, I'm calling you out, you can back out or shout back, but either way, I'm ready for your attack,
Can't you see, I wanna rap battle just you and me!
*scared* I give up. :)
haha, you probably would have won, my money was even on you!


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