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This is an attempt at a table of all of the expletives that Rhett & Link have said. I just felt like doing this as I was bored. BYMB!

Some words like "hell" are not going to be included (but they've been said). I don't really count 'piss' as a swear but a lot of people do so




A*s and variations

GMMoreEar BiscuitGMMoreIf I Were You PodcastVidConTwitterGMMGMMFuse Lie Detector TestThrillist, 2 GMM, Medium, GMMore2 GMM, Game Grumps, GMMEar Biscuit (27:17)

GMM2 Ear BiscuitGMM, (Another) 2 Ear BiscuitMatthew SantoroGMMEar Biscuit,(48:22)GMMEar Biscuits (59:55), GMM (I know he was talking about a donkey but hush), Game Grumps5 Ear Biscuits (around 23 minutes in)


Main ChannelSmoshGMM

GMM, Facebook (another uncomfirmed)


Not Too Deep, Instagram

Ear Biscuit


VidConGMMoreGMMoreGMM (in Italian & bleeped but still)2 Ear Biscuit (at 24:47 & 25:41), 2 GMM, Ear Biscuit (around 1:30:25),  6 GMM (while wearing the dentist mouth thing but still)

VineGMM, GMM (another uncomfirmed)


YouTubeBTSJimmy FallonGMMGMMore, GMM Jacksfilms, 2 GMM4 Never Not FunnyJimmy Fallon,






2 GMM3 Ear Biscuit Ear BiscuitGMMEar Biscuit2 Ear Biscuit (at around 24:38 & 33:22)2 Ear Biscuit (5:45 & 6:52) GMM Ear Biscuit (46:40)


 3 GMMERB, GMMoreGMMoreFuse Lie Detector Test ?, Ear Biscuits, GMM, GMMore

 Edit2 GMMore


Total per Individual

GMM  GMMore, 5 GMM



47 (50 if unconfirmed true/forgotten are found)


117 (120 if unconfirmed are true/forgotten are found)

Here's one that almost came to be (Link almost said "sh*t" (yet again))

And here's a video where Link says "whore"

Question - what do you think Rhett says here? & here

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I was watching some season 8 and found it last night. I just randomly remember this, I was like "OHHHHH!!!" xD. It was Playing MASH with Jen.

Ahh! Thank you so much!

Woah it's so different from what I remember

in ERB both Rhett and Link say d*ckweeds and in an other one just Link says p*ssed

I don't think Link said sh*t in the smosh video. It seemed like the person wearing the blue shirt said that instead. I'm not really sure though, it's just what I observed :P

Are you not including "damn"? I was just thinking of it 'cause Link just said it on the Tonight Show, but it reminded me of some other times I think they've said it. 

NOPE! He said "dam" as he described that fist day of first grade . . . specifically mentioned that he never put the "N" and that won't hold water

Watch it on YouTube, they both said damn.

I think Rhett also said damn in the MORE of the ep with Grace and Chester.

Rhett didn't say "shit" in the Warheads MORE, it was more just... "osh."

I'm certain he said "sh*t"

I definitely don't think so

I'm certain that's what he said so I'm going to keep it there



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