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I'm going to keep this short and simple

Since I'm curious, have Rhett & Link affected your perception of friendship and how you treat your friends? If so, please elucidate!

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R&L haven't really affected my way of having friends. I think of them as my friends too (though I never communicated with them, but I really want to), but they never really changed my attitude or anything. They just make me laugh.

I'm thinking of hanging out with Jillian again today, so that's a plus. All that R&L affected me on is having fun and laughing. They do just that. :)

Rhett and Link haven't effected my perception of friendship really, and like honestly a lotta the things about Rhett and Links relationship and the way they act together reminds me of my own close friends! c:

What I actually feel is odd is when other people find things that they do weird? Like I see a lotta people say things like "Why are they like this?" when they do certain things, but what's hilarious is the thing that folk say that about are usually things that me and my pals have done similar things to! So idk maybe I'm very lucky (which I mean I do consider myself bc my best pals are the best weenies 2 grace the planet) but their friendship really hits home with my own best friends uvu

You took the words right out of my mouth, I couldn't explain it better.

it might possibly if i actually had any that lived in the same country as me.. but then again i dont attract as a cool as people as Rhett and Link so -.-

Yes! I was in sort of a bad place in my mind before I I started watching them. After I really started to get to know them and see how much they meant to people (fans & beasts) through their videos, they helped me realize how important it was for me to stay connected with my long-term friends, since everyone lives so far from each other. So, I've been slowly playing "catch-up" with some of them.

I've been watching a lot of other YouTubers too that have expressed how they view their fans and how people should treat each other in their communities. And especially after talking to so many other mythical beasts, I treat my friends as if they mean the world to me because they really do. I've always been nice to them, but now, in the short amounts of time I spend with them, I try to make the absolute best out of it. I don't hold grudges to people anymore. I give everyone respect. 

Since everyone's apart, though, it's hard to see them, so I also try to communicate with them more online. :) 

How about you, Grace? 

(I was trying to edit on mobile, but it timed out on me and didn't save). I wanted to add that they've also helped me understand and value friendships made online, especially with the help from the Kommunity! 

First of all, thanks for asking! I feel awful having not replied sooner!

To me, they've shown that friendship isn't just something you grow out of or something that comes and goes. Before I came across R&L, I was a tad apathetic and I didn't have as many friends as I have now and the fact that I'd be leaving school soon and leaving my friends behind didn't faze me. To be honest, I thought most relationships other than those amongst family weren't too important. But R&L showed that friendship is something truly amazing  - something to be cherished and something that can last a lifetime and not just the time you spend at school. Nowadays, I always try my best to be nice to everyone and to show my gratitude for others. I want my friends to know that I love and appreciate them. I guess R&L have also made me appreciate relationships more. They've also helped me to be more passionate and sensitive. I mean, before if I heard/saw someone displaying lots of affection to someone else, I'd just think that it was "sappy". But now I'd just think "aw, that's sweet" (I do still have the capacity to detect things that are genuinely sappy, though). I'd say more but I can't be bothered typing much else. It's a bit strange that R&L have affected me in this way (and in many other ways) but I'm glad that they have :)

It's okay. I really like what you said here and I think that's great that they've affected us so much in an unexpected way. I don't know what that means either, but I'm happy they've made us happy and more appreciative of our relationships with others, in general. :) 

They have for me! Rhett and Link really care about each other and they love each other. That kind of of friendship is hard to find! That made me think about the friends that I have and made me wonder if my friends know how I much I care for them and love them, so I tell my best friend that I love her and appreciate her friendship. When somebody like that comes into your life don't take it for granted.


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