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Several incidents happened last night when I was in work.

Regarding reports - if a moderator is not present in chat, take screen shots of the offensive text in chat, send the screen shot in a message to a moderator with the profile url of the offending member and then use ignore.  Also make it clear to other users that there is an ignore feature, because some new people may be unaware of it.

We need your help with this, people - and we also do need a screenshot of the problem which needs resolved.  Profile URL is important too, because if a member changes their name, we have no way of tracing them.

Thank you for helping us keep The Kommunity pleasant for everyone.

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could make oaky a mod.... i heard that would be either a good idea or a terrible idea. 

I am also unsure about this :P

Please spread the word about this.

It is very important that we know about any members causing problems  in chat as quickly as possible so we can take care of them right away.

Thank you Moose!

Dude i could give u about 3 btw dont make oacky a mod alreay a troll to me

You have my sword! 

LOL REALLY? The moderators don't do anything. My friends told people in the chat she worked for Rhett & Link by captioning GMM and everyone including the moderators got onto her about it. You guys hardly do anything

Well first off.... If we're both thinking of the same person she bragged a substantial amount, which is fine. But it is bound to annoy people, so if I remember correctly the mods told her to just ease off. Second you're quoting an example where they actually did do something (I was there) and saying the mods do nothing in general, which isn't true. Which you would know if you spent any real time here.

Also not sure why you seem annoyed by a mod reaching out when you complain they don't do anything.


                Max {The Illusion OF DOOM}

Sorry my bad I was pretty upset at that time sorry to cause all the trouble. You're correct

No harm done, these aren't the droids you're looking for. :p


              ~Max {The Illusion OF DOOM}

Statistically speaking...

Since February 2014

Number of in-chat suspensions: 227

Number of full accounts banned for repeated and/or extreme rule violations: 150

Number of spambot accounts identified and suspended: 27

Number of member photos (fanart) featured: ~100

Number of redundant or inactive groups removed: 170

Number of new groups approved: ~120

Number of hours moderators are available to receive reports: 24

Average number of hours each moderator spends actively monitoring website & chat: 8-10 (a full work day)



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