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Dear Rhett and Link and Beast
A ton of us mythical Beast was late or didn't have the funds to buy The best shoes on this planet please be your mythical best and reply with your birth name and why you need the shoes to come back .
this is the official petition so if you diss agree simply just do not reply and have a lovely day Thank You in advance .share this post on Twitter and and ask everyone to click thru to here and post they name and reason .
Again no negative comments please.
I will go first
My name is Dedra Williams
My reason for wanting the mythical shoes back is very heart breaking I had my eyes on the Pink shoes size 8 women's for two months I saved $20 for 3 months to buy them and I had the money on the month I went to purchase them Rhett And link announced they will stop selling the shoes and had the 5 year le meted editions for pre sell I literally cried and begged Tweak shoes and Rhett and link to sell me the pink shoes I got no reply. now I'm sad everytime I see these wonderful Mythical shoes on my social pages.
please bring them back and the other Mythical shoes.
I'm ready to pay for my shoes now and I will purchase 2 pair. thanks kings Rhett and Link and Tweak shoes please do this for us Mythical Best Beast . And if you can mention this on a video and share the link I would be blessed and Thankful Rhett And Link .

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I would also really like mythical shoes please!  I would really love it if you are able to bring them back

Ha-ha! Maybe they are going to play this like the McRib (now Rhett just got turned on). What if they make it return? There will probably be more purchases than ever before.

It would be pretty cool if they could find a new company to make the shoes (: Totally supporting this!

Same here! I would buy a pair in a moment if I could. :(

Trying to think where best to post.

Know some people are on the lookout in eBay for Mythical shoes, here is a new listing : men 8.5 women 10: 5th anniversary


(Edit- evil link... I'm on mobile sorry)
This should happen. It needs to happen. They are the coolest shoes ever. Especially because they have a guitar pick holder! We should start a twitter hashtag.
Let's start a riot

Or...a hashtag? ;P


I'm Jenneke and I'd like to see the Mythical Shoes come back because when I discovered Rhett and Link, they had already stopped selling the shoes, so I never had a chance to buy them, even though I absolutely love them. Please bring them back! 

Same Jenneke!

I want the mythical shoes back. I understand if it is not possible, but I was broke when the shoes were out. Now I have a job and would love to get a pair, but they're gone. If at all possible, PLEASE, bring the best shoes in the world back. I know I wouldn't be the only ones wanting them! :)


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