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Dear Rhett and Link and Beast
A ton of us mythical Beast was late or didn't have the funds to buy The best shoes on this planet please be your mythical best and reply with your birth name and why you need the shoes to come back .
this is the official petition so if you diss agree simply just do not reply and have a lovely day Thank You in advance .share this post on Twitter and and ask everyone to click thru to here and post they name and reason .
Again no negative comments please.
I will go first
My name is Dedra Williams
My reason for wanting the mythical shoes back is very heart breaking I had my eyes on the Pink shoes size 8 women's for two months I saved $20 for 3 months to buy them and I had the money on the month I went to purchase them Rhett And link announced they will stop selling the shoes and had the 5 year le meted editions for pre sell I literally cried and begged Tweak shoes and Rhett and link to sell me the pink shoes I got no reply. now I'm sad everytime I see these wonderful Mythical shoes on my social pages.
please bring them back and the other Mythical shoes.
I'm ready to pay for my shoes now and I will purchase 2 pair. thanks kings Rhett and Link and Tweak shoes please do this for us Mythical Best Beast . And if you can mention this on a video and share the link I would be blessed and Thankful Rhett And Link .

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My name is Emily and I LOVE Rhett, Link, and Good Mythical Morning!! Everyday I laugh my head off watching two grown men eat gross food, perform crazy challenges, etc. The one thing that would make my life complete is to BRING BACK THE TWEAK MYTHICAL SHOES!!! I have been watching GMM for 3 years now and love it so much. Thank you for making bad days better with GMM!! BYMB! :)


Yes Please!!!!! I haven't been a Mythical Beast for very long, so I didn't get the chance to order them when they were available...I looked them up everywhere but couldn't find any. I was so sad. Thank you so much for doing this!!!! My name is Shoshanah, and also the reason I want them back is because GMM is very important, it is very funny, it has helped me to become more social and confident, and during a difficult time, the show helped me get through it. I want the shoes because they will reflect the importance of Rhett and Link to me, plus anyways the shoes are pretty awesome! And like Emily, I like to watch two grown men do weird but funny things!

Yes! Please bring the Mythical Shoes back! My name is Samantha and I had not been able to buy them the first or second go around due to whatever reasons and I am dying to have them now. It's as if I have swallowed some food coloring, because I have dyed inside. I have gone back and have currently been binge-watching all of Rhett and Link's daily shows (I am half way through S1 of GMM, it's only day 3 and I've finished GMCL). I know the words to almost all of their songs. I can name most commercials. I admit, I am obsessed with the duo. Now I am very interested in Mythical Shoes, and there is no longer a way to buy them. I am surely not the only one (look at this discussion thread!) so Rhett and Link could surely make plenty of money in a partnership like they did before with TWEAK or any other shoe company. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring them back! Be your mythical best, mythical beasts. Now go, and be golden.

I am Avi Gordon and I want the Mythical Shoes to come back because I wasn't such a fan of Rhett and Link at the time and then I heard about it but it was already dicontinued!

I am Tina Jialing Chen and my reason is because i'm not an adult so my best hope is to get for a b day present but i found out about the shoes after my b day after gone.

My name is Tyler Henderson and I want the mythical shoes back because when they first came out I was too young to buy them myself, and my parents would't buy them for me. I didn't have the money, and now that I can purchase them, I find out I can't. I think you can understand why this would suck. Please bring them back. thank you.

I'm Mia and I was too young to buy a pair of mythical shoes at the time that they come out. Even if Tweak is no longer in business, I still hope they come out with another edition of the mythical shoe in some form!

tweak is making shoes still now but not the mythical shoes. wah:( http://tweakfootwear.myshopify.com/

I was on their website today trying to figure out sizes. Sometimes you can find pairs on ebay. I got two this way. One is two big for me but I love them anyways. They are like the 2.0s? Another pair I got that was signed. Not the best shape but I love those too. They are my size even!

someone bought them but there was a mens 5.5/womens 7 on ebay today. 

My name is Logan Shaw and I was o young to purchase a pair of the mythical shoes as well. It would be amazing if we had a let the Tigers tiger situation going on with the mythical shoes. The mythical shoes can still make a comeback!!

I'm Tracy, and my feet are nothing special. Like everyone else's they just kind of hang there at the end of my legs. Thus far, their only claim to fame is being dipped first into the pool. But my feet long to be Mythical! Please help make my feets' dreams come true - bring back the Mythical Shoe! 

Thank you!!

My name is Ria and I want these shoes to come back so bad!!! I wasn't a Mythical Beast when they went out for the last time, but I love them so much!


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