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My favorite moment from GMM so far:

Sorry the picture quality is horrendous, I don't know why it did that.

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... NOOOOOOOUUUGAT! XDXDXD I love Link's expression after he gets slapped :D

...and I'm pretty sure it was Rhett's idea to put this on the wheel. Nice job, Rhett.

XD hahaha. Awesome, Kevin! This is so perfect.

Thank you! Haha.

lmao this is pretty funny haha

Its a good thing he took his glasses off. Poor Link.. =)

lol I'll say

That's so funny!!

to paraphrase from the great Danny Vermin (a.k.a. Joe Piscopo) in  Johnny Dangerously:


"My father called me a NOUGAT once.  Once."





Yesss! :D


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