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A lot of comedians make up their own funny songs. Most are stupid. They focus more on comedy rather than music quality. Which isn't bad, I mean they're comedians. That's the point.
But the thing about you guys is that your songs aren't JUST funny. They're genuinely good quality songs. Like, you know how I LOOOOOOOOVE the song "Hoover Dam"? Honestly, if it had serious/deep lyrics, it would probably be one of my favorite songs ever. It has such a catchy vocal pattern and melody. And your actual vocals on it are amazing. For real. Serious talent you guys have there.

I wonder, do you guys ever written songs that aren't comedic?
Would you ever be willing to record a "serious song" and release it?
Although I doubt you would, just because comedy is your job and people like the funny stuff, I'd buy it (:

Well, if Rhett gave me money again...Just kidding.

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Yeah it's def a Peppers rip off. Very fun to make!
Hoo boy...I'm gonna put my foot in it now....er....what Hoover Dam song? Can someone post a link?
No problem, Lynn! http://rhettandlink.com/music/ It's the third one down on the Secret Songs CD. Make sure you aren't using Internet Explorer, though, because it won't allow you to listen to it. :)
how do you buy the "Secret Songs" CD. I can't seem to figure out how to add it to the cart on the site. Or even a digital version. can anyone help? :)
They aren't available on Rhapsody, where the other 2 CDs are.
I can help!
On our music page: http://rhettandlink.com/music/
click on the cart icon next to the SECRET SONGS $3.99 pricetag. a new window will pop up--that is your cart. you can check out from there. lemme know if it doesn't work!
Boom! Got it! thanks Link. I felt really computer Illiterate there :D
Oh yes! Best $3.99 I ever spent! Y'all should go get it. These are some of my mostest favoritest songs from R&L. The lyrics are all very deep and thought provoking. I got goosebumps listening to "Your Mama Was Right" the first time I heard it! Also love the Hoover Dam, Leprechaun Named Steve, and Lonely Room 9. When I first saw those titles, I thought, eh, probably too silly. Now I perk up when those songs hit my perpetual R&L music loop.

PLUS, I feel like I'm "in" on something within the R&L Kommunity by having the "secret songs." Apparently, not even all the moderators are aware of R&L's complete works (sorry Lynne-Eministrator!)

"Invincibility...and invisibility...are over-rated, I should have asked for love..."
I would totally buy a CD of non-comedic material. I love your harmonies and arrangements. They are flawless. And I know you guys are smart and passionate (even though you stay neutral on many subjects, you must have real opinions) so could easily write some really meaningful lyrics. I'll look forward to the day when you are famous enough that it would be a worthwhile prospect for you.
Okay, I don't feel quite so badly now...I didn't miss some major video release. I've already been chided by Link for not knowing stuff that's on the website...
I agree with this, you guys are amazing muscians, some of those harmonies you do! I've performed the facebook song doing both parts (obviously not at the same time) but it took me quite some time to actually get them right! And i've been singing harmonies since primary school! That's one of the reasons i love your stuff so much, because your melodies and rhythms etc are always so interesting and you don't just repeat yourselves and use the same style all the time (Apart from that you're hilarious of course ;D).

I would most definatly buy a serious album of yours, it would probably be one of my favourite CD's. :)
Hoover Dam is my all-time favorite R & L song too, I can't stop listening to it. It's awesome. I'm glad to know that other people feel the same way!

Would there be any way to post the chords of that song somewhere? My brother plays guitar and is a huge fan too.


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