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Hey everyone,

So I am a HUGE Rhett and Link fan, and I originally came on here to email them to ask for help, but I think this is a better idea :)

At my university ( the University of Missouri ) I am applying to be on a the team that give tours to prospective students and as part of the application process I have to make a project that describes me and why I want to be on tour team. It can be ANYTHING - a video, an art project, a baked good, ANYTHING. I was thinking a video but I'm not sure... Rhett and Link if you are reading this and have ANY ideas for s video I would be so appreciative! Or if you wanted to fly out here and help me with the video... that would be cool too (it would make an awesome PR opportunity for you guys!) Anyways, thoughts?


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I would do a video tour of the university.  Maybe keep it short 3-4min  fast paced and full of energy, Maybe even running from building to building as fast as possible. 

Thanks Kastnerd! That's a good idea, I just don't want to do a tour because that's what I'd be doing if I made it on the team, and they have heard a million tours :/

how about a tour of your room and maybe some of the things you do. 

A zombie apocalypse hits your university and everyone is infected except you and your bestfriend, so to escape you have to run through the halls. This would be a tour but would also make it exciting if done properly.

Best of luck.

Got Myth?

hehehe i like this one. funny tour


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