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Is there going to be a mythicon 2018? Also, if there is will someone please host one I Washington state.

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I plan to watch the award winning - Looking for Ms. Locklear on Sunday, August 12. I'm going to invite my family and serve sauerkraut pizza. I still have my Mythicon banner, so I'll hang that up, just for fun.

If you host it, they will come!  especially when free pizza is involved.

Just one question:  on the sauerkraut . . . regular or Bavarian style???

The difference between Bavarian Sauerkraut and a regular German Sauerkraut is that the Bavarian one is milder and sweeter. As well, it is flavored with caraway seeds.

I had to find out the difference...I think that I would prefer Bavarian style. BUT I'll probably just take it as the chef prepares it.

Yes, the Bavarian style is my favorite worth hotdogs or grilled sausage.  I have had both on kraut pizza, just wondered which one you used. 

It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve been looking for any indication that it’s happening again this year, but no luck. I’ve hosted Mythicon Nashville in the past, but I suppose I won’t since no one else is this year.

Hi Karissa, unfortunately the Kommunity isn't hosting/managing any Mythicon event planning this year. Please see Gumbo's comment about it from July:


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