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Reply here ONLY if you are able and willing to host a local event.

Only legitimate and sincere hosts please.

If you aren't certain you can do it, talk to your family & friends first . . . perhaps they will assist!

Tell me where you intend to meet and I will create a discussion thread for your local event.

If you have no idea what MythiCon is all about, check out the description and helps here:

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It looks like a nice "home town" type of development - - the only downside is that this type doesn't have a centralized food court so once you pinpoint the exact gathering spot I will be sure to update your discussion page.

I did a bit of a Google street map virtual drive-thru and did notice that there is not a lot of public area, so you probably want to check with a business owner before deciding.  There are some patio tables outside of Starbucks and Jamba Juice near the Central Market, but they would likely frown if you took up too many tables unannounced.


NEW ZEALAND Palmerston North??
KATY - - Is this a firm request? Are you going to host?
I just want to know if there will be MythiCon in NZ. there doesnt seem to be a NZ MythiCon each year. I am very unable to host sorry, i too many health stuff going on right now :-/
Mythicon is up at Singapore this year. We're about done with most of the discussion. Where can I post all the details to extend our invitations?

HEY! I've been a member/follower of the MB Singapore Facebook group for some time, but seen no update comments for almost a year. I don't even know if the 2016 get together actually happened or not.

Here is the Kommunity page for you to use and I look forward to some updated information :

I would like to host a gathering at the Wildwood sign, at the Boardwalk and Rio Grande Ave in Wildwood, New Jersey, USA! It's the perfect fun location, great for a group, and close to Philadelphia and New York City!

Sorry for the delayed reply, but your MC-2017 discussion page is now ready at:

Party On MythiCon Boardwalk!!!

Not a problem!

No UK meetup yet? Come on, we need to represent Britannia! Don't tell me I have to organise sh*t.

2 or 3 people have promoted a UK meeting each of past 4 years but only one guy in Northern Ireland ever delivered. Most pick a site and some people showed up, but the host did not. No idea what the problem is there. Good luck.


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