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Reply here ONLY if you are able and willing to host a local event.

Only legitimate and sincere hosts please.

If you aren't certain you can do it, talk to your family & friends first . . . perhaps they will assist!

Tell me where you intend to meet and I will create a discussion thread for your local event.

If you have no idea what MythiCon is all about, check out the description and helps here:

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I'd like to host a branch of Mythicon in Tennessee, hopefully the Nashville or lower Nashville area closer to Franklin. Still looking for a location and details, but I know I'm capable of making it happen! How can I make this official??

IT IS DONE! now make it so . . .

How would you guys feel about a gathering in Braintree, MA? The specific meeting place would most likely be the South Shore Plaza food court, though plans may change depending on the turnout. Anyone near the area that would be interested in attending?

I suppose you are offering to host? do your planning and event discussions here:

and, remember this year's motto . . .

Hey, I'd like to host a Mythicon in Lincoln, Nebraska. It'll be in Antelope Park. Hopefully more than me and my friend, and the few other mythical beasts she knows show up. Looking forward to hosting for the first time.

w00t!!! this MythiCon gathering will be first ever for the CORNHUSKER STATE

(the attempt in MC-2014 was a bust, I don't think the host showed up)

You're definitely need to consider a "Will It Corncob" or something similar to commemorate

Hi! I'd like to host a Mythicon in Israel! Although it'll be hhhhhhhot!!

"hhhhkhhot" you say?  let's talk about that!

Your discussion and planning page is ready at: MythiCon 2017 - - ISREAL - - Kiryat Ono, Tel Aviv

This event is the first ever for your country and for MythiCon 2017 the 4th international site and 15th overall.  What a Beast!!!


just a tiny petty question... is there a way to edit the name of the discussion or its content? it's spelled "israel" instead of "isreal" and i don't know where the map is from but it's not really accurate :\

If you will find and post any map you want in the comments on your event page and I will add it to the header.  Sorry for the misspell, it has been corrected

also, i actually do make ice creams at home so i totally can offer that!

I would love to host Mythicon in Mill Creek, WA at Mill Creek town center. No one has planed one yet for this year but I have some great ideas!



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