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Was looking into mythicon and was wondering who has been and what their experience was like? Im hoping they do a mythicon 2016 in Seattle sooo bad :)

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@ JILLIAN - - there have been "failed" attempts at putting together a MythiCon meetup in the Seattle area each of the past three years.  Either something comes up or poor communication among the locals, I'm not certain what the issue has been because never got much feedback from the potential hosts.

Here is the link to the WA event site from last year's event.  Might give you some idea to start prospecting for attendees in the area. 

As the event coordinator, I probably won't begin setting up any of the MC-2016 discussion pages until about mid-May so that it doesn't "get stale" in people's memory from being talked about too long.

There’s never a lot of people but I loved it just make sure it’s in a good area with a decent time frame.

@ Sarah - - FYI you are replying to a 3-year old thread


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