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So, my fellow Mythical Beasts, we have all begun the process of selecting our personal beastly identities, and many of us have lent our artistic expertise to the cause of depicting the ever elusive RandLer.

My question to you all, though, is what does your mythical beast look like? We have represented among us some traditional beasts of yore (such as leprechauns, gremlins, and... phoenixes) as well as many unique creations!

Be as creative as you wish! Backstories are a plus! If you don't feel confident drawing one for yourself, describe it for us here, and maybe someone will sketch it for you! If you use a photo from somewhere on the internet, please give credit to the original source.


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guardian master in the middle, i changed my personal look of him over time, but that does not make him a guardian master, or not one either, it's the powers and guardians (read below)


 a guardian master, simply put, is a golem maker. the guardian master uses the resources from the surrounding environment to sculpt out the arms and legs of the golem (down). the golem must be animated in one of 2 ways, using a power mask, which also gives the parameters of the guardians powers, or re animating it directly (only for hybrid guardians, which have some residual life force to work off of)

     the guardians form evolves from the simple feet and legs to something expressing the features and power of the mask which animated it, so a fire guardian would give off light as well as set fire to the ground as it walks on it, if it chooses to do so. 

        a guardian master gains the powers of the guardian as well as the guardian that he/she animates, effectively doubling the guardian master's power. each guardian is unique because of it's unique power mask.

        I, Raymond have collected every power mask i can, there aren't very many left in this world anymore, so that makes me a unique guardian master, and also EXTREMELY powerful!


ChenaLeo isn't all that mythical, but then again, she is.

ChenaLeo is just a Lioness who has a mane like a Lion.




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