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On today’s LTAT Rhett and link revealed they have been working on a mythical society and told us to go to mythicalsociety.com any idea what this could be?

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/fINn_4OazAs

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I feel like because they've been saying 'super secret exclusive' that this will be some sort of pay for content situation. Not sure what the content will be but the pay per month aspect came to my mind when I hear them talking about it. 

Agreed. Heavily marketed + super secret exclusive = $$

As for what the perks are, I have hopes, but no genuine suspicions.

We were right. I'm a little disappointed that they're doing this. They've always been so open with certain things, but for people like myself or anyone else in a financial trouble, they don't have $5 to give every month. Or even $20?? 

So i am super new to this, but have been involved since 2011.. where do i begin. none of my friends like Rhett & Link but they  are part of my daily routine. Hello all . 

welkomm to the dark side


Happy to be here. Take me as I am.

A really weird form of mutual friendship like when you go to your stepdads office party and he said there will be plenty of kids just like you there then once you get there there is one kid that just so happens to be your age and there is only one significant factor making you two in common so you talk about it for the entire length of the office party.

I hope there will be State Chapters like the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) 

Hey I’m so exited to be a part of the  mythical society 


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