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I saw Alex (Thestral)'s discussion for Beard Oil & Lip Balm reviews and thought I'd steal the idea and open it up to all the other merch.

Since DFTBA doesn't have any kind of review system. Let's talk about the merch we have and what we think of it.

Star system as Alex (Thestral) originally suggested:

Please rate the item out of five stars. ★★★★★
One star is the least favorable ★
Five stars is the most favorable ★★★★★

Please also briefly write any feedback, comments, questions, concerns - so on and so forth about the products.

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GMM Mug: ★★★★★ - My husband ordered this for me and I drink out of it every day.I love the matte black outside with the GMM logo and the orange inside . I wish that they would sell a GMM t-shirt that was black with the orange logo.

Way back when he also ordered the Hoverboard t-shirt for me, but sadly I can't rate it because it never arrived. :-(

Be your mythical best wrist band ★★★★

I've kept it for 6 months and it still looks new although might have stretched out, but it should be expected when buying something that is stretchable, I have a normal size wrist and I don't take it off that much

GMM Hoodie ★★★★★

Really soft and I made tons of friends because of it, Not recommended to wear all the time because it will get small holes in it but the softness makes up for it

GMM Hoodie! 5 Stars!

I'm about 5 feet tall and got a large so it would last a while. Its pretty big but extremely soft. It goes halfway to my knees and bunches up on my arms but totally worth the 40$. One complaint is that to me it seems as if the white letters are a little dirty but I only got it last saturday and probably am going paranoid about its condition. My friends tell me that it doesn't look dirty and I have had numerous people recognize it. My teacher even googled it after he saw it!

But, does anyone know how to wash it? :P

I washed the jacket in a cold wash and it came out fine. It seems as if the letters havent changed much, so I might try that with a cotton swab. Thanks!

GMM Hoodie ★★★★★
Very very comfortable. The material is very soft and I ordered mine a little larger than my size, so the level of comfort is unparalleled. This is seriously the best coat I've ever had, no matter if the GMM logo was on it or not. As for the logo, the colors are vibrant. I have worn it pretty much every day since I got it and the logo isn't even beginning to fade and I have had no problems with seams popping or strings coming loose. Very good quality!

GMM Poster ★★★★★
The perfect poster. The only complaint I have is that mine came with a misprint, there was a small red mark over the O in "Let's talk about that". However, I quickly got over that blemish and hardly ever notice it.

Rhett & Link Forest Poster ★★★★
A little too small for my taste. Otherwise, absolutely perfect.

GMM Mug ★★★★★
Very high quality, seems hard to break. I'm sure if you dropped it on a hard floor it'd break, but what I'm saying is that I don't feel the need to treat it like fine china, as if it could break in my hands at any second. The black on the outside is matte rather than polished, which I find unique and like. However, I tend to have oily skin and whenever I touch it I usually leave behind a fingerprint on the mug that is painfully visible. This just goes away by washing and since most people don't have super oily skin, it probably wouldn't be that much of a problem. It's just me being picky. 10/10 would buy again

I have a lot more merch than this, but I can't think of anything that needs to be said about them. I will say though, that I have never regretted (or should I say, regRHETTed) buying anything from Rhett & Link's store. Everything is well made and enjoyable. When buying mythical merch, go for it!


GMM Hoodie is still five stars even after obtaining a small hole. It was easily fixed.

GMM Poster is still five stars, as the blemish I thought was a blemish was not a blemish, as I saw the exact same mark on a poster that Rhett was holding up during an episode.

GMM Hoodie ★★★★

Definitely a good quality hoodie, but take note it's not made for rough upstate NY weather. That being said, this is a must have in the summer for those cool nights. I have started to wear a tiny hole near one of the pockets, but it's nothing a needle and thread can't fix.

GMM Mug ★★★★★

I love mugs. I have a slight collection, but this one is my go-to. I love the color orange, so that's just an additional bit of joy that I get when I have my morning coffee or cocoa. I hand wash mine, so I can't say how well it would do with a dishwasher.

Mythical Shoes (5 Year Anniversary) ★★★★★

In addition to collecting mugs, I collect sneakers. I may have a problem. I unfortunately missed out on the original run of Mythical Shoes, so I made sure I got the last run. Decent material quality on the uppers and toe box, very roomy. Surprisingly comfortable, I've worn them for 12+ hours on some days. The only issue people might have is trying to keep the black midsoles clean during wear, scuffs appear fairly quickly-- but that's a common problem that all shoes with dark soles/midsoles have. Just gently clean them after wearing and all will be well.

Looking for Ms. Locklear ★★★★★

I want to give this 10 stars. I am absolutely enamored by this documentary. I ended up writing such a long comment for this on YouTube and then made my bff write a response to it. I also purchased the DVD. I went into it blind, not having any information other than they were searching for their first grade teacher. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It's such a fun piece of Rhett and Link history, I would suggest you at least rent it on YouTube so you can experience it. It's well worth the $1.99 to rent and worth full price for the DVD. Especially since there are bonus features like deleted scenes and a commentary, which film nerds live for.

I ordered quite a bit of merch just after Black Friday weekend and paid full price which does hurt, but I'm fairly happy with the products and my kid is ecstatic. So here's my ratings:

Hoodies: 3 1/2 stars
The big complaint I have about these is the value for the price. They just went up to $45 and that is crazy. They are quite thin, but super soft. I haven't washed them yet, but I'm pretty sure the string will fall out as others have mentioned as it isn't secured. I ordered unisex small for me and my daughter (I'm usually a women's small and she likes her stuff over sized). I was hoping it would be a bit slouchy on me, but it isn't. I'd say it fits exactly like a woman's small would. And it's actually tight at the waist. I hope it doesn't shrink. I'll update after washing.

Mug:4 stars
This loses a star for being slightly smaller than a regular size mug so it doesn't quite fit my coffee. It's been relegated to water duty. I also don't feel comfortable putting it in the microwave. Would love to hear if others put it in the microwave.

Hats: 3 1/2 stars
These are very cheaply made and the orange isn't really orange it's more of a dark mustard. But the recipients very much like them.

Blue T Shirt:5 stars
I went to American Apparel to check the sizing of this and glad I did because I went up a size for my husband. It washed very well. Good value for the price.

Good Mythical Morning Mug ★★★★★

This is my third January owning this mug and it has really kept up. I don't always handwash it like recommended, so for just that alone and that it is still in such good condition.. I really recommend it! I wish it was a little bigger but I just have coffee/tea drinking problems. It also made a great gift because I didn't know what size my friend would be in a shirt. Here is a photo of it today:

Good Mythical Morning Beanie in Orange ★★★★★

I love that this has two ways of wearing it while still showing the logo. I don't wear a lot of color but I really liked the orange look. I was scared it would be too bright but it is not at all! It's super comfy. I wear it all the time now. Here is a picture of when I got it a few weeks ago. 

For a size/fit reference: I have very thick hair, so I typically need more of a masculine fit and this is exactly what it is. It fits a lot like a Brixton beanie.



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