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I saw Alex (Thestral)'s discussion for Beard Oil & Lip Balm reviews and thought I'd steal the idea and open it up to all the other merch.

Since DFTBA doesn't have any kind of review system. Let's talk about the merch we have and what we think of it.

Star system as Alex (Thestral) originally suggested:

Please rate the item out of five stars. ★★★★★
One star is the least favorable ★
Five stars is the most favorable ★★★★★

Please also briefly write any feedback, comments, questions, concerns - so on and so forth about the products.

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I like the green gmm shirt but my mom kinda problably washed it with another color it has white spots
I touched my gmm sweat shirt aka my Christmas gift it is soft to the touch

GMM navy hoodie: 5 stars! 

I wasn't sure what size to get it in, so I played safe & got a Large. When it came in, I tried it on and it was a little bit bigger than I expected, but I decided to keep it because I knew I was going to layer clothes when it gets colder, so it's perfect! It's also great for advertising R&L cause you can wear it anywhere! :) I've had many people come up to me that recognized the logo and have seen GMM! The fabric in the hoodie is also really comfortable and soft, and it is really warm by itself! I love it! 

BYMB Wristband: I have to give 3 stars.

I love the design and size (good for an average hand). The only thing I have against it is that the wristband broke about a week after wearing it. I decided to staple it back together so I could still wear it. I also give it 3 stars because I feel like if the guys are going to see a wristband, they should at least some size options for those with smaller or bigger wrists. Maybe they can look into it! 

GMM Mug: 5 stars! 

I love coffee and tea and milk and juice and water, mostly, so of course, I got the GMM Mug! :) I love it. It's beautiful, I love the smooth lip on the rim, the weight is great, and it easily cleans in the dishwasher! I haven't put it in the microwave for reheating water or anything like that yet, because I don't put any really nice dishes in there. I love the color scheme for the mug. It's practical and stylish. :) 

Sticker pack: 5 stars

I just got these, but I love them. I love that they put the Kommunity logo as a sticker. I have the R&L one on my car, the GMM one on my laptop, and I've yet to decide where to put the Komm one. But they stick on stuff really well, so no worries! 

Hm. I ordered "Link's Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter Peppermint Lip Balm" just a few days before I posted this previous comment, but I guess I forgot to write a review! Shame on me! :) 

I got the lip balm when the items in their store went on sale for "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving in the United States). I was using the first of the two balms from the time I got it in December up until today when I opened the 2nd tube, so I can vouch that, under protective care, the balm can last a very long time!

The only reason I give it ★★★★ is because the turning wheel at the bottom works, but after a very short time of use, or in the 2nd balm's case, the first use, the balm doesn't move up and down with the wheel turn. I have to push it back down in the tube after use. Other than that, flavor/scent/application is strong, long-lasting, and smooth on the lips. 

I own a bobblehead set. Alas, I did not keep the packaging with the GMM set. At least, I don't think i did...

I really like the bobblehead set: ★★★★★.

I broke Rhett's neck (the bobblehead), so I had to superglue it. Now, it's all dandy perfect.

I gots 2!  Rate both of these at ★★★★★ from a pure fan perspective, probably would be around ★★★ if I were simply a casual viewer . . .


I finally ordered a GMM mug during the November Black Friday sale!

GMM Mug: ★★★★★

I'm very pleased with this mug. It arrived undamaged, and it even accidentally went through the dishwasher one time with no adverse effect to the exterior finish (the store recommends hand wash only). I know the matte finish makes fingerprints and smudges more visible on the outside, but I've been able to ignore this well enough to not be bothered. ;)

I didn't even notice this at first, but my husband pointed out that the drinking rim of the mug is a polished black finish instead of matte like the rest of the exterior...I don't know why that is (maybe lip marks are more obnoxious than fingerprint marks), but it doesn't really affect anything other than a tiny portion of the appearance.

I have a tiny head and tiny hands, so don't be fooled by the fact the mug looks gigantic here. >.>

"Rub Some Bacon On it" T-shirt ★★★★★

very comfy, light weight material so perfect for those warm days, and raises alot of eyebrows where im from over all i give it 5 stars

Link's Lip Balm ★★★★★

it is indeed perfect!, it smells amazing and that is not just my thoughts, ive had a number of friends and family smell it and they all agreed that the combination of Peppermint and Peanut Butter makes this lip blam not only unique but makes you want to eat it, and the bonus is it doesnt contain any nuts so my partner who has allergies will let me kiss him with it on

"Be Your Mythical Best" Braclett ★★★★

i do like this bracelet its made of the tough stuff so it wont brake any time soon, but i forgot i live in Australia and in this heat we have at the moment it gets a little uncomfortable (but thats not the bracelets fault, its the sun) so its a seasonal bracelet and thats pretty cool

Sticker Pack ★★★★★

these are amazing 1st of they feel like there on some kind of lino or vinyl, we dont have that where im from so these little bad boys might actually last longer, 2nd i placed them on the bag i go to conventions with so it took a beating, the badges i had on my bag all came off and i thought maybe so did the stickers,,,, NOPE they where still there, im very impressed but them 

ONLINE RENTAL: Looking For Ms Locklear ★★★★★

such an amazing movie even though it only goes for about an hour, it captured my attention well so much so i was cheering that they would find her, i was hoping and begging  for it (sounds weird i know but for a moment i forgot it was a movie)  very pleased with it

I would like to add, I would love them to have a pull over hoodie. I love my zipper hoodie. I wear it like everyday.....everyday when I go out. 

But I would like a pullover one. I made my own but still...it would be nice. Also Randlers need more love!

The beard oil Smells amazing doesnt leave your hands feeling oily at all, will definitely be getting it over and over again. and the lip balm is definately pecullar but nice. I got the rhett and link hoodie and the gmm hoodie i am 6"3 and have trouble finding hoodie with long enough sleeves and these are perfect and nice and soft and for the price even better, most hoodies i find like that are 80$ or above.


My review for the GMM mug.

It looks awesome on my desk, the GMM logo is clear on the front of the mug.

I usually just go into my own room, lock the door and stay in the room for hours without water, which may cause serious dehydration problems. But now with this mug, I suddenly have the urge to use it and my only way to use it is to drink from it!

I got to fill the mug before going into my room, and by the time I finished my water/drink, I'll know I should refill it.

Who knew Rhett and Link's mug could make my life better? :D

Okay now that I got more merch I should be able to rate that now lol.

Link's Lip Balm: ★★★★★

The first thing I did was smell it, it smelled somewhat weird at first BUT after I smelled it again I loved that it had a more peanut butter smell with a hint of peppermint (seeing as how I'm not a huge peppermint fan).  It goes on smooth with is another plus, because the other natural lip balms I've had are gritty for some reason, and it has a nice tingle to it from the peppermint.  It isn't as harsh as Carmex is (don't get me wrong Carmex is great it just burns a lot). All in all a good 13 thumbs up!

The "Up to this Point" CD: ★★★★

I mean it's a great CD, don't get me wrong aside from maybe 2 or so songs I don't care for out of 27 it's amaze.  Also, the cover art is pretty great plus the poster that not only has the lyrics on it, but also the chords to play them?!?! that's pretty awesome too.  I had to knock it down star, because of........the case it came in.  I'm not a huge fan of paper/cardboard cases.  But that's a minor thing.  I give this a solid 10 thumbs up!

I own the mythical shoes, and although I DID get them used (cheapskate over here :P) They have been really nice!  Mine are the original ones I believe, and even though theyre old they still feel comfortable and solid.  The pickholder is definitely a nice touch and has come in handy several times.  Overall, 5 stars on this awesome shoe!

I have also watched "looking for Ms. Locklear", and I thought it was a great documentary.  Definitely a must for a true R&L fan!



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