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Hey yall!

I have created the mythical burger. Well, McDonalds in Denmark is having this "create you own burger"-campaign and the winning burger gets to be in the restaurants menu for a set amount of time and I just thought it would be awesome to have a mythical burger inthere. So go to http://www.myburger2013.dk/burger/view/869c088b5b1a954f52b46a38dc2a... to vote by clicking the yellow rectangle under the burger that says "Stem på denne!"

Promote this to all your friends and other mythical beasts. I call it McMythicalMasterpiece.

To those interested in a translation of the contents, here goes (from top to bottom):

Sesame-bun with paprika and chili

Honey and mustard dressing

Salsa Sauce x2

Red Onions



Pickled Cucumber


Swiss Cheese


Sesame-bun with paprika and chili

But it's not really the contents that matter, 'cos all McDonalds tastes the same, but just getting the mythical burger out there to promote Rhett&Link would be awesome, literally the meaning of the word awesome would be the feeling I'd get.

Remember go to the link and click "Stem på denne!" and be your mythical be(a)sts

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You are right, Daniel.  I tried for a second time yesterday and it only shows that I have already voted.  But, since you don't have to register an e-mail address to vote, that means I can give it another thumbs up on the "public" computerwhile I'm waiting to get a haircut  at Floyd's later today.


I was surprised at your guess about needing 10,000 votes to be in the running for top spot is VERY overstated.  Typically, on something like this, the majority of those who go onto the site create a burger of their own and vote for it . . . few people actually scroll through the various pages looking for something really tasty.  That's why, even on this contest there are (as of this writing) 11,767 submissions but only 27 of them have more than 500 votes.  As usual, about 99% of these will only ever receive 1 vote.


Right now, your vote count of 37 has you about to break the TOP 300 barrier (300 out of 12,000 = 2.5%) . . . and if you had only 50 votes right now you would be in a 4-way tie for spot #121 . . . so getting the McMythicalMasterpiece noticed with a showing in the TOP 100 is not out of the question.


Case in point: 

Whenever Rhett and Link did the "Up All Night" video promotion for Trident Gum, there were only 37 total entries and the "winner" of the $10,000 (+ free gum for a year) prize package was really lame . . . I honestly would not have voted for any of them . . . I know that several MBs in the kommunity with some true songwriting, singing, acting, annimation and video editing skills are still kicking themselves for not cashing in on this one . . .



Well I was just guessing with no real facts to back it up. I was thinking of super-dedicated families who got their cousins. grandparents, workplaces, etc to vote and social media advertising. Like a very tiny fraction of people, whom we still have to beat.

           Also awesome math.

Anyways, if you use Firefox (and probably other browsers too) going into private mode, voting, closing down private and reopen private you can vote again. But I only voted once, cant have the creator commit fraud :P

well, Floyd's computer is old and lame . . . needs a new flash player . . . unable to vote again.

OKAY!  deleted all the cookies, cleaned out the cache files, and was able to get you another 2 votes before the Mcputer recognized me and shut it off again.

But I still don't get this . . . there are 24,818 individual entries . . . yet only 295 (1.99%) of them have more than 50 votes . . . and only 32 (0.22%) of them have 1,000 votes or more.

So how in the wide wide world of sports does McBrian From Denmark get himself over 25,000 votes?


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

I think he must've enlisted the help of the Emily army. That's more than enough votes.

Wait, are you from Denmark, if so that's awesome?

If not, that is some serious mythical dedication :)

I'll go vote, great idea.

I was vote number 47 for your McMythicalMasterpiece. I just have one question though. Why doesn't the Mythical Burger have any bacon on it?

I voted! 

So "log" means onion?


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