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Does anyone know if they are still selling their own branded merchandise? I noticed when they first switched from the DFTBA website to their own store, that they had their own branded tshirts and sweatshirts instead of having them screen printed on American Apparel or something like that. 

I own one of the Mythical Beast shirts as well as the Sky Blue crew neck sweatshirt and those are two of my favorite mythical items. I've looked on the kommunity and haven't found any forum talking about this so I thought I'd ask. 

Any input is appreciated. 


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I haven't read every one of the replies posted lately, but you might find an answer in this long standing discussion thread at
Mythical Merch Reviews

I've seen people ask this question on Twitter, and from what I can gather based on other Mythical Beasts' purchases, R&L's current apparel offerings don't have the Mythical logo printed inside the collar. I'm not sure what brand is in there, though; maybe they're back to American Apparel again.

Some are American Apparel, others are Next Level. You can check which brand is on which shirt in the Mythical Store !


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