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On my birthday I'm considering singing all night long all isn't long with my friends. I would put more detail and thought into this, but I already typed one thing that failed. Main thing is I want to do this, and I need advice/answers to the following questions. 1. What should we do? 2. How can we film it, we need a way to do it for 11+ hours. 3. How do you tell your father about this without him thinking you're as crazy as you are? 4. What would you do and how? 5 . Ay other advice would be great

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1. Make sure you walk around and get different places. 2. Two cameras and extra charged batteries. Have a bunch of friends coming to avoid boredom and keep up energy 3. Doubtful, but I guess explain it would be fun for you whether it makes sense or not. 4. Think up a bunch of fun, random stuff to do while singing. Make sure you have a ton of stuff planned so you don't run out of ideas the night you sing. 5. Have fun.

*Hope this works out. :)

Thanks! I'm hoping it will all work out somehow, but due to Murphy's law it won't, that's alright though! If it went as planned it'd get boring :P



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