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Alright, Let's try to use Rhett and Link examples for the alphabet. Like as if someone could understand you while spelling something out. (B as in Boy, E as in Excellent, A as in Alphabet and N as in Nano). But what if we used the word examples as things that were tied into Rhett and Link somehow. 


I'll reply first starting with "A", and then another mythical beast can do "B", and you can reply to the latest reply by someone else.

No repeats!

Remember: Reply to a reply and not to the discussion! 

Now let's get busy!

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Q is for Quite the duo.

R is for Rhett

r is for rhett

S is for spinning the Wheel of Mythicality

T is for T-Shirt War

u is for unicorn rap

V is for Viki.

V is for Velcro

how about Q being for something that can be illustrated????

Oh my gosh! Same thought here!

W is for wheel of Mythicality

do-over - - the wheel is already on letter S


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