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Hello all,

My brother first showed me GMM about six months ago and have binged watched seasons and have made sure to watch every new episode, with my family when possible and feel that my relationship with them has been enriched because they love it, I love it, and its something we honestly enjoying doing together. I read the Book of Mythicality in 3 days and I feel that I have a different view of my life and the world since that day approx. 6 months ago.  I think one of the biggest things that I have taken from Rhett and Link and what I view as part of their philosophy is, go with the flow. Don't let yourself become so rigid and comfortable that a change in the routine upends your life. Sure it may take some getting used to, but in the end, you now get 20-30 minutes of mythicality every weekday morning. I don't think there is anything more un-mythical than being inflexible and unable to adapt to change. Rhett and Link have tried and done so many things. some have failed, some have not, but all have helped them to be who they are and given them the ability to change our lives as mythical beasts. 


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You should do the same. 



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