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This is where we can discuss the episodes from Season-03 of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

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An episode dedicated to one hell of a party pony with great gags across the board. One of the best episodes ever - YEAH!!! /)

"One Bad Apple" - Notes:

A great song "Bad Seed", a great A-Team reference, a great examination on bullying that made me think about my own experiences (I know that harsh reality all to well. I come from a family of bullies, bullied at school and at work. Bullies are everywhere and you become one in order to deal with it sometimes. However, with the right therapy recently, I was able to overcome it) and ended with a tribute to the Powerpuff Girls /)

"Magic Duel" - Notes:

A good episode with homage to Star Wars (Twilight as Zecora's new apprentice), The Matrix Reloaded (what do all Trixies with power want, more power) and maybe Spiderman (with great power comes great responsibility). However, the moral of the story was a bit ambiguous /)

"Sleepless in Ponyville" - Notes:

Quite a spooky one indeed but shows that one shouldn't be afraid of admitting fear - part of the healing process. Plus Princess Luna makes a great entrance into a dream scene and proves to be there to help in that unique and awesome way. Hope to see more of that action /)

"Wonderbolt Academy" - Notes:

I found that this episode started well and applied a unique homage to Top Gun. However, Spitfire's voice confused me - too much like Rainbow Dash. The ending was a bit sloppy when Spitfire rushes to let Rainbow Dash that she learnt the error of her way - I just didn't believe it. Pinkie Pie was probably the outstanding character of the episode even though she was in a supporting role - YEAH!!! :)

"Apple Family Reunion" - Notes:

Family is always harder to handle than the business. I thought that this was one of the best episodes giving depth to a sometimes 2-dimensional Applejack with an array of interesting characters and Twilight style behaviour. The return of Applebloom's cousin provided an opportunity to highlight a close long distance friendship requiring some chill time for catching up. Applejack's song (one of the best of the series - a winner) is a tribute to her constructive success in the end - YEAH!!! :)

"Spike at Your Service" - Notes:


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